Aren’t these desert mornings spectacular? After a sweltering summer, this time of year reminds us why we live here. Season has arrived and this year, more than ever, our anticipation of increased social schedules, seasonal friends and heightened energy has us talking. Are we ready?

With each new issue of Desert Health, we have an array of topics submitted by our editorial contributors. It’s always interesting to me, as I feel it offers insight to the heartbeat of our community, where people are mentally and emotionally. 

This issue is more heartfelt than ever before. We have all been through so much; significant change has taken place and continues. Many in our community are still struggling and many have turned inwards to find peace and solace. We are so grateful to those sharing their journeys and insights; their words are intended to help others.

There are also similar themes that came together on their own. There’s talk about the earth’s fluctuating frequencies as we enter the Age of Aquarius and how vibrational sound and time spent in nature can heal. There is much to read on finding peace: overcoming fears, turning inward, releasing the past, living in the now and discovering joy. There are “recipes” for a healthy holiday and healthier holiday recipes.

It is our hope that this season brings well-deserved joy and happiness to all. Our community once again offers an array of festive gatherings; just remember to go at your own pace. It may be different from past seasons, and that’s okay. We are all starting anew, so you are not alone. 

Go forth with love, for yourself and others, and lead with kindness. We are all in this together, but true peace on earth begins within.

Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season ~

Lauren Del Sarto

Lauren Del Sarto

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