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About Us

People from all over the world come to Greater Palm Springs for health, vitality and healing.

Our community offers both top notch medical care and a vast array of preventive and natural medicine. We are also leaders in “integrative health care” where conventional medicine and alternative practices come together for whole person care.

The Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine defines this practice as “medicine that confirms the importance of the practitioner/patient relationship; focuses on the whole person; is evidence-based; and uses all appropriate modalities, health care professionals and disciplines to achieve health and healing.”

Desert Health ® was created to promote this union and the Valley’s many medical facilities, wellness clinics, modalities and practitioners who keep us healthy and help us heal.

Our goals are to educate and inform, recognize accomplishments, celebrate community,  and encourage our readers to “get out and do!”

We are a complimentary paper for locals and visitors alike found throughout the Coachella Valley.

Thank you for reading. We wish you the best of health!

Lauren Del Sarto

Lauren Del Sarto

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