It’s Summertime!

“School’s OUT!” Remember the pure exhilaration those words would  invoke when we were kids? Instead of brooding about our seasonally hot temperatures, why not reach inside and find that feeling once again? It’s always within and our desert has many ways to enliven your youthful spirit!  Making a splash is a great way to keep… Read more »

Rising Together for the Greater Good

One of the many things I love about our Desert community is how people come together to make good things happen. Someone has a unique idea, others are inspired to take part, and before you know it, the world is watching. This edition celebrates a few of those accomplishments. We didn’t set out with that… Read more »

Growth Inside & Out

Seasons change and our world flourishes. Seasons of our life change, and we are offered the opportunity to flourish and grow as humans. We seem to be feeling the seasons more than ever this year, both literally and figuratively, and how we adapt has a significant impact on our health and well-being. A common theme… Read more »

A New Year Note from Lauren

Happy New Year, Everyone! We are so glad you are here. This edition is bursting with inspiration and tips to help set you on your path to greater wellness, and we all can use that. In a recent conversation with my friend Dr. Susan Murphy, she said studies show that we are under more stress… Read more »

Cultivating Self-Care

Summer winds have subsided, clear skies have returned and the holidays are looking bright. Welcome home to all our seasonal friends! How can I summarize all the splendor to be found within these pages? I am still reeling from the opportunity to interview Temple Grandin who I’ve admired for decades. All are encouraged to attend… Read more »

For Our Future

From one generation to the next, the only certainty is change. Throughout the years that separate us, technology and industry advance, policy and leadership shift and world challenges emerge. We go through similar phases. When we’re little, so is our sphere; it helps keep us in that enchanted bubble called childhood. As we grow, so… Read more »

Welcome Summertime!

Yes, that’s me enjoying a cool cascade of nature’s medicine from the mineral-rich waters of Desert Hot Springs. The secret is out and wellness retreats are springing up as investors seek this liquid treasure and its ability to heal what ails us.  In this edition, we introduce some of the area’s hidden gems. Explore to… Read more »

Creating Wellness

Hello, Friends! Thank you for picking up our latest edition. As I breeze through the final proof to reflect on how another incredible issue has come together, I can’t help but pause with wonder at just how far “wellness” has progressed.  Mindsets and medicine are changing, and as Dr. Tyler says in our front-page feature,… Read more »

Another Beautiful Day in Paradise

It’s good to see you here today. Thank you for exploring our spring edition.  I’m delighted to read that people throughout the world are ready to come together, and do so with deeper meaning and greater purpose. It’s all in an effort to evolve to a more gratifying state, and wellness plays a large role… Read more »

Welcome 2023!

What words come to mind for you as we enter the new year? Fulfillment, peace, contemplation and excitement swirl through my head creating a warm and content feeling in my belly. Much of this stems from enjoying a “holiday season of old” with family gatherings, parties and events that have allowed me to feel connected… Read more »

A Look at Our Holiday Edition

I love this time of year! Especially in our desert where the weather has cooled and life seems amplified. Social opportunities abound as we move outdoors to bask in our perfect weather. It’s time to celebrate the season – and the reasons we live here. We celebrate much in this edition: ideas for happy, healthy… Read more »

Welcome Fall

September shepherds in a new school year, the promise of cooler weather and the beginning of another festive season in our desert. While leaves may not fall around us and sweaters stay tucked away, both can be enjoyed with short trips to Oak Glen or Julian where apples and seasonal traditions abound. Locally we’ll celebrate… Read more »

A Time to Reflect

Our warm summer days offer the perfect opportunity to slow down and do “a bit of nothing,” as Dr. Shannon prescribes in our front-page quote. It’s a good time to rest our busy brains, and make space for personal reflection. We need it to recharge, renew and rebalance. Reading through this new edition, I am… Read more »

Hot Air Balloon

The Special Place We Live

I love hot air balloons. Their bright colors against our blue, desert sky always bring a smile to my face, and I can’t help but pause to watch them float by. This spectacular shot was taken in our backyard. You know you live in a pretty cool place if it’s hot air balloon worthy. And… Read more »

The Path Forward

Welcome spring! We’re so glad you’re here bringing warm inspiration for a fresh start forward. People often ask if there is a theme for the new issue and although it is never planned, it often comes to be. I believe we are all more alike than we think. Feelings, thoughts, habits and circumstances create common… Read more »

Setting Goals

As kids, goals that helped shaped our path towards adulthood were set for us. We started school at 5, became tweens at 10 and teenagers at 13. We couldn’t wait to drive, finish high school, and of course, turn 21. Once we became adults, the job of setting goals was left up to us. How… Read more »

This Season’s Heartbeat

Aren’t these desert mornings spectacular? After a sweltering summer, this time of year reminds us why we live here. Season has arrived and this year, more than ever, our anticipation of increased social schedules, seasonal friends and heightened energy has us talking. Are we ready? With each new issue of Desert Health, we have an… Read more »

Live Your Imagination

One weekend in May, I got a strong desire to go camping, to simply “check out,” live in the moment and spend time appreciating nature. But it was Thursday, and we couldn’t find an open site. Noticing my sulking shoulders, my husband proposed, “Why don’t we just camp here?” The crazy idea got me excited.… Read more »

The Little Bandito


How are you doing? This past year has been such a crazy time, and so many are going through so much. What are you doing to keep that smile? I’m practicing gratitude. And it is just that — a practice.  Over the past two years, I beat cancer, lost my father unexpectedly, and most recently… Read more »