When was the last time you learned something new? One thing I love about Desert Health® is with each issue, I learn something new. But it’s been a while since I invested time into actually learning a new skill.

This summer while enjoying Oprah and Chopra’s latest meditation series, Desire & Destiny, I did a lot of soul searching about what I still want to do in life. On the list is writing a book, and while I have plenty of experience writing for Desert Health®, the style I have in mind is different, so this fall, I’m enrolling in a memoir writing class through Learning in Retirement in Palm Desert. I’m really excited about the opportunity to grow as a writer.

I am so proud of those I know who have published books. It’s no small task. In this issue, we review Dr. Eric Presser’s book on navigating lung cancer from a survivor’s perspective, and William Davis’s new book, Undoctored, from a doctor’s perspective. I am a firm believer that books find the people who need them most.

What is it that you still wish to do in life? I asked a group of friends that question recently and many said they were content with life as it is, and that is also a beautiful thing. You can always take joy in watching your family grow around you, as we did this summer. We welcomed a new son-in-law, Andrew, into the family with our youngest daughter Shea, and greeted Owen Riley Tole, our second grandchild, as he entered the world. We couldn’t be prouder of new parents Diana and son-in-law, Buckley.

Learning a new skill doesn’t compare to these magical moments in life, but it can enrich your life just as much. And if you haven’t tried yoga, add that to your list. As Jayne Robertson says on page 12, if you can breathe, you can do yoga, and everyone should. Whether by chair, mat, or hanging from the ceiling, the practice is bound to add wonder – and years – to your life.

We hope you enjoy our latest issue and thank you so very much for reading.

With sincere appreciation ~

Lauren Del Sarto
Lauren Del Sarto

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