A Woman with Muscle Reaps Rewards

The muscular system is one of the most dynamic, responsive systems in one’s body. Our muscles form thousands of elastic fibers bundled tightly together, and when tension is initiated in the form of movement, we invite our muscles to take part. This can take place through weights, bands, body weight or spring resistance such as… Read more »

A Winter Wonderland is Calling

When was the last time you played in the snow…enjoyed some downhill fun, or a cross country walk through a wintery wonderland breathing in the crisp, clean air? Skiing is great exercise for the mind, body and soul. While some may consider the sport in their rear-view mirror, there are many different types of skiing… Read more »

Walk Towards Health One Step at a Time

It’s a brand new year – time for new steps, strides and strolls. Let’s get moving. Getting healthy is literally a step-by-step process, and it can be easy with simple adjustments to how often you move – and making those moves count. So, let’s get that blood flowing through our veins! Step away from the… Read more »

Why and How to Go Organic

Why is today’s younger generation facing more chronic diseases such as joint pain, autoimmune, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular than our grandparents’ generation? What we are putting in our bodies on a daily basis has much to do with it.  Our bodies are built to process and receive all our nutrients from food, which should maintain… Read more »

Acupuncture for Athletic Recovery

The Coachella Valley is well known for being a resort destination where individuals enjoy fine dining, shopping and poolside relaxation. But the Coachella Valley also offers a more physical side. We have dozens of beautiful hiking trails, world-class golf courses, a famous international tennis tournament, professional polo, bike events, national pickleball tournaments, our new professional… Read more »

Experiment with Prioritizing Protein

Many use this time of year to make lifestyle changes to look leaner and feel healthier. To help, I thought I’d propose a “planned food experiment” to inspire readers to prioritize meals and snacks around protein.  Protein is the most filling macronutrient and, in the right amount, keeps cravings and hunger at bay for hours.… Read more »

Let’s Kneipp!

Imagine if public parks had a water therapy feature where citizens could walk barefoot in cool water. If one could practice earthing as they traverse through water troughs lined with pebbles to stimulate the feet, it would encourage circulation.  Imagine if hospitals in our country, as part of therapy for respiratory illness and rheumatic conditions,… Read more »

Why Do You Want to Lose Weight?

As we head into summer, my phone rings off the hook from people who made New Year’s resolutions to lose weight. They joined a gym and went for a few weeks but haven’t been back for a couple of months. Now, warm weather is upon us, and coats and sweaters are making way for shorts… Read more »

Don't Give Up

Q2 Pep Talk: New Year Resolutions

Welcome spring! How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions? In the fitness category may be the typical weight loss goal of 20 to 30 pounds or something as ambitious as your first marathon.  Hopefully, you are working hard and on your way to obtaining those goals. Or, possibly you’ve given up out of… Read more »

Training through Menopause

Weight training can be a challenge, especially if it is new to you. And when you add hormonal changes into the mix, it becomes even more difficult.  Menopause is a natural biological process that affects most women in their 40s and 50s. It marks the end of menstrual cycles and the beginning of many emotional… Read more »

Welcome Back

“Welcome back” can have a multitude of meanings such as coming home, rejoining a social group, or returning to a healthy lifestyle. Those two little words have more gravity in recent months as we slowly return to a feeling of connection to one another, and to our better selves.  Through the holidays it is common… Read more »

Music: Medicine For The Soul

Music has always played a critical role in celebrating cultural traditions, sporting events, holiday celebrations, civil rights protests, and entertainment. Music therapy has been in practice for centuries, but today, is increasingly recognized in the medical community as a treatment for depression, anxiety, and trauma. It is now being administered in hospitals, nursing homes, recovery… Read more »

30 Minutes Once a Week Works

If you have read the latest fitness science then you know that weight training has significant benefits – especially as our bodies age: improved metabolism and body mass index (ratio of fat compared to muscle), lower cholesterol, better bone density, and sharper cognitive function, not to mention more strength, stamina and balance. But what if… Read more »

Daily Chores Don’t Need to Be a Pain

It can be frustrating when time is of the essence and you have chores that need to be done. You’ve done these things a million times; they have become routine and it’s necessary to do them in a timely fashion as your busy schedule demands. Then, something out of the ordinary happens. As you’re putting… Read more »

Got Arthritis? A Path to Pain-free Living

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints that can lead to debilitating pain. More than 100 kinds of arthritis and related conditions affect more than 50 million adults and 300,000 children in the U.S. While there is no cure, creating a holistic wellness plan is often the first line of defense in managing pain and… Read more »