Cancer: The Sneaky Disease

Too often we hear the words, “I’ve been diagnosed with cancer.” We increasingly hear about new research, new clinical trials and different types of chemotherapy or radiation. These words are heard more and more today than just 30 years ago. Some statistics show that in the 1960s, cancer rates were one in 80. Today, those… Read more »

Cryoablation for Breast Cancer

In 2019, I had cyroablation for my invasive ductal breast cancer. The 45-minute procedure was performed at City of Hope, one of the many facilities that took part in the FROST trial conducted by lead investigator Dennis Holmes, MD. The goal of the trial was to determine if this minimally invasive procedure, which freezes the… Read more »

Galleri: The Good Beyond Golf

With The Galleri Classic returning this month to Mission Hills Country Club (March 25 – 31), we were curious to learn about the progress of the Galleri test itself. Launched nationally in 2021, the test is a simple blood draw that can provide early screening of some of the deadliest cancers. A primary goal of… Read more »

Journey to Naturopathic Residency

As we celebrate our 15th anniversary, Live Well Clinic is proud to support the growth of the naturopathic profession by providing medical residencies. This year, we welcome our second active resident, Dr. Annissa Ceja, a graduate of the National College of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in Portland, Oregon. We would like to share Dr. Ceja’s unique… Read more »

Young Survivors: Life After Cancer

You are cancer free! After chemo, radiation and multiple surgeries you are relieved to be done. Your family and friends are happy to celebrate your return to a normal life. But is that always the case? While weekly doctor appointments, checkups and blood draws are behind you, it can take a while to re-adjust from… Read more »

Oral Cancer Screening

Just as an annual medical checkup is essential to ensure the body is healthy, a regular oral checkup is crucial to maintaining a healthy mouth and detecting any abnormalities. Regular screenings by your dentist should include an oral cancer screening which aims to discover cancer or precancerous signs early enough to be treated successfully. Oral… Read more »

Life After Cancer

It’s been 2,259 days since my oncologist told me I no longer had cancer. When I stop to think about each day, it still brings tears to my eyes and butterflies to my belly. I have learned so much about who I am as a person, and how I want to show up in the… Read more »

Newest Trends in Cancer Wellness

Last month, I joined a virtual presentation by the Global Wellness Summit on the newest trends in wellness for cancer. Over 500 participants representing 59 countries registered to hear the international panel of integrative practitioners. Speakers included Mayo Clinic medical oncologist and lead researcher Minetta Liu, MD, functional medicine practitioner Johannes Wessolly, MD of the… Read more »

Managing Menopausal Symptoms in Cancer Survivorship

Managing menopausal side effects is more important than ever, as it affects the quality of life in cancer “thrivership.”  Many women and men face years of side effects from cancer treatment resulting from the surgical removal of ovaries and hormone deprivation therapy (tamoxifen, aromatase inhibitors, etc.) in hormone receptor-positive cancers such as breast, endometrial, ovarian… Read more »

Shay’s Story

Navigating Life

I’ve been having a hard time finding the right words for this column because, like everyone else, I am struggling to understand life right now. Everything in my struggle tells me to tell you, “Keep holding on to faith. Faith over fear. Live in love. Watch your words because you can unknowingly hurt someone. Life… Read more »

The Power of Liquid Biopsy in the Detection and Management of Cancer

What is a Liquid Biopsy? Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) were first discovered in 1869 by Thomas Ashworth in the blood of a man with metastatic cancer. He hypothesized that “cells identical with those of the cancer itself being seen in the blood may tend to throw some light upon the mode of origin of multiple… Read more »