We all grew up relishing the holidays as a time for peace on earth and good will to men. Will those words ring true this year? Will this season deliver the celestial feeling of holidays past; the assuring sense, as we gather with family and friends, that all will be okay?

Often at annual gatherings, we see smiles on some and others carrying the weight of the world. What separates the two? It’s the ability – and choice – to embrace the sense of peace that lies deep within each of us.   

Some feel the only way to find peace is to remove themselves from the struggles of everyday life. However, it is possible to feel peaceful in the midst of everyday chaos and that is truly the goal. 

Imagine floating in the swirling swells of the ocean’s surface. It takes a lot to maneuver with the tides and undulations. But if you hold your breath and dive deep, slow motion sets in; all is still and surreally quiet. Your mind focuses only on the vast space that surrounds you.

Most of us live on the ocean’s surface, maneuvering through each day. Just imagine if the human pace mirrored that of the deep blue sea; if each of us took a dive inward and began moving in slow motion with awareness solely on that around us. 

How do we access that place within? By slowing down, clearing our mind, breathing deep, letting go, and focusing our awareness on our surroundings in each and every moment. 

As Italian poet Cesare Pavese famously said, “We don’t remember days, we remember moments.” 

Sure, it’s easiest to do when you make time at home to relax, but try closing your eyes and taking a deep breathe when feeling stress, even in line at the grocery store. Then, open them slowly with the intention of focusing only on what’s around you. It just might bring a smile and sense of calm.

Practice connecting to that place of peace inside, and you’ll experience the holiday joy and solace that always comes with the season. That joy will spread to those around you and there will be peace on earth.
It begins within.

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