30 Minutes Once a Week Works

If you have read the latest fitness science then you know that weight training has significant benefits – especially as our bodies age: improved metabolism and body mass index (ratio of fat compared to muscle), lower cholesterol, better bone density, and sharper cognitive function, not to mention more strength, stamina and balance. But what if… Read more »

Why Everyone Should Use Glucometers for Better Health

Blood sugar testing with a glucometer is a great tool for anyone to assess their body’s unique response to food and lifestyle choices. We normally associate blood sugar testing with diabetes, but this tool can be helpful to support health goals such as improving body composition, making exercise and diet changes, identifying your carbohydrate tolerance,… Read more »

The Back Nine

The importance of fitness training has become wildly accepted in the modern-day sport of golf. In past generations, there was a bit of stigma in the game with lighthearted teasing for “spending too much time in the gym and not enough time playing golf.”  All golfers benefit from cross-training, especially seniors who need to maintain… Read more »

Slow Down Your Workouts

Is weight lifting only for the young? Not at all! Even those 50 and older can enjoy weightlifting, especially lifting weights in slow-motion. Slow-motion strength training involves 10 seconds of lifting and a 10-second lowering phase. The exercise’s ultimate goal is to gain momentary muscle failure. Slow-motion strength training is an example of a brief… Read more »