Options for Painful Diabetic Neuropathy

Thirty four million Americans, about 10% of the U.S. population, have diabetes.  Diabetics are at risk for a number of complications from the disease including neuropathy (nerve damage) which affects approximately 60% of diabetics, nephropathy (kidney damage) affecting 50%, retinopathy (eye damage) impacting 26% and cardiovascular disease which affects 11% of people with diabetes. Blood… Read more »

Fibromyalgia: Calming the Storm

A client recently described fibromyalgia as “widespread pain throughout my body which feels like my nerves are on fire.” She further stated, “Myofascial release seems to send a message to my nervous system that says, ‘You are safe.’” Fibromyalgia is a chronic, debilitating condition that affects approximately four million adults per year. It is more… Read more »

What’s In Your Web?

Fascia is a tough connective tissue which surrounds and permeates all structures in the body including bones, muscles, blood vessels, nerves, and internal organs. It resembles a three-dimensional spider web that spreads throughout the body without interruption. Imagine a spider web glistening with morning dew. This is how healthy fascia appears in the body. The… Read more »

New Treatments for Pain Management

Four new developments in pain management can be broken down into two groups: those that improve pain by physically relieving pressure on nerves, and those that modulate pain using electrical stimulation. All of these techniques are done on an outpatient basis utilizing local or twilight anesthesia and have minimal or no recovery time. Vertiflex device.… Read more »

Changing Pain to Comfort

In mid-July, I had rotator cuff surgery on my left shoulder. Leading up to the surgery, I was fascinated by how the surgeon cautioned me about managing the pain, and he gave me three different pain prescriptions. Everyone I talked to said, “Oh, that’s going to hurt!” And since the surgery, people frequently ask about… Read more »

The Advantages of Stretching for Knee Pain

Staying active at all ages is one of the best ways to promote your overall health. A well-rounded exercise program should include aerobic exercise, strength-building, balance and flexibility activities. One of the most important, but least understood, activities is stretching. Stretching is key for optimum joint and muscle function – especially in the knee –… Read more »

Treating Whiplash with Physical Therapy

Neck pain after a motor vehicle accident is extremely common, and often results in chronic pain, disability, missed work, and a decreased quality of life.16 The injury is often diagnosed as a whiplash injury which is defined as “an acceleration-deceleration mechanism of energy transferred to the neck that results in a soft tissue injury that… Read more »

Has Lower Back Pain Got You Off Course?

Most amateur players spend a lifetime trying to attain the perfect golf swing. Today, professional golf has evolved into a game that demands a team approach bringing together the most elite specialists including coaches, nutritionists, and medical professionals to provide tour players with every possible advantage over the competition. Without that luxury, many of the… Read more »

Ear Acupuncture for Addiction, Pain and Anxiety

As a registered nurse, I have been with Eisenhower Medical Center and the Betty Ford Center for 29 years. I became an acupuncturist 15 years ago and have had impressive results treating patients with auricular (ear) acupuncture for chemical dependency, alcohol withdrawal, anxiety and pain. The ear is innervated (has nerve supply) from three major… Read more »