Barbra Angel (Romanowska) is a musical prodigy. As a child, her world was a symphony. Everyday sounds filled her head in a chorus of pitches that made it hard to focus on schoolwork and socializing. She lived in a world of her own which helped save her from the harsh reality of growing up in communist Poland with an abusive militant father.

Practitioner, musician and author Barbra Angel

Angel, who shares a birthday with Mozart, starting composing music at age five and went on to earn two master’s in composition and vocalism. She is a violist, pianist, vocalist, producer and composer and in 2016, won the Best Composer Award at the Wind International Film Festival in Hollywood.

But her true passion in life is the ability to identity how sound heals. Immersing in music as a coping mechanism, she first taught herself as a child and would make it her life’s work. To fine tune her innate talent, she pursued an international Ph.D. in naturopathy where she studied the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Later she earned certifications in hypnotherapy and yoga. 

Combining all her knowledge, in 2003 she formalized a healing method she refers to as cell resonance therapy (CRT) based on the laws of physics and TCM. To teach others her method, she founded the Academy of Sound in Europe (Akademia Dzwieku), conducting hundreds of seminars, certification courses and healing concerts. Ten years later, she came to the U.S. and established Tune & Heal which now resides at Kinetix Health & Performance in Palm Desert. Complementing therapies offered include bioresonance body scan and therapy, and “sound acupuncture” using specially designed tuning forks versus needles.

“Everything in our world vibrates to different frequencies and the human being is no exception,” says Angel. “These vibrations have the ability to balance and heal both physically and emotionally.” Just turn on your favorite song and close your eyes, she adds, and feel how the melody alters your mind and body.

Angel has written two books in the past three years: Tune & Heal which describes her CRT method and teaches readers how to implement the therapy for self-healing, and An Angel’s Healing Music, which is her life story written over the years with the newest edition just released. 

“The book is really about finding true forgiveness,” says Angel, who began the manuscript to release emotions that were holding her back and to help her overcome her pernicious childhood. The autobiography is challenging to read, and it’s fascinated to learn that she now has a positive relationship with her father. “Magical things happen when you truly forgive,” she adds.

Angel will be performing a “healing concert” and book signing on Saturday, December 4 at the Classic Club in Palm Desert. The evening will feature both original songs and blues and jazz favorites along with a discussion on how musical notes and sound vibration affect the human mind, body and spirit.

Barbra Angel is founder of Tune & Heal™ located at Kinetix Health & Performance in Palm Desert. She can be reached at (619) 534.4088. For more information, to view past performances and to purchase tickets to the concert, visit Proceeds from the event will benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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