“School’s OUT!” Remember the pure exhilaration those words would  invoke when we were kids? Instead of brooding about our seasonally hot temperatures, why not reach inside and find that feeling once again? It’s always within and our desert has many ways to enliven your youthful spirit! 

Making a splash is a great way to keep cool and opportunities are on the rise across our valley. From dive-in movies to lazy rivers, cozy cabanas to crazy slides, poolside dining to the island state of mind, enjoyment for all ages is easy to find.

On an even cooler note, figure skating fans can relish in the opportunity to learn from some of the sport’s best as The Experience Adult Skate Camp featuring Randy Gardner, Elin Schran, Elizabeth Manley and Gracie Gold comes to the Berger Foundation Iceplex in September.

Maybe you’d prefer to slow down. Our summer months are the perfect time to savor simplicity and focus on rest and rejuvenation. This edition offers much inspiration from mind-full to mindful, staying active with yoga, incorporating anti-inflammation practices, enhancing your energy, and choosing to sweat or not to sweat.

We’ve got community connections for women and summer skincare tips for men; awareness tips for parents and seasonal health tips for seniors.

I hope the simple word “summertime” rekindles your youthful spirit. Age is only a number and our incredible desert community offers much to keep us young, and young at heart. 

Thank you for taking us along ~

Lauren Del Sarto

Lauren Del Sarto

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