Seed Oils: Industrial Revolution to Health Revelation

You’ve probably heard the buzz – researchers and health professionals everywhere sounding off on the potential health risks associated with consuming industrial seed oils, such as soybean, canola, corn, sunflower and safflower oils. These oils, once heralded as heart-healthy alternatives to saturated fats, are now being scrutinized for their destructive effects on our brains, guts,… Read more »

Our Local Mushroom Farm

Gourmet mushrooms are certainly enjoying their glory days. These superfood superstars are showing up everywhere, from our coffee to the main course, as consumers and chefs realize their nutritional value, adaptability, texture and taste. Growers across the country are jumping on the shroom boom bringing the Pennsylvania natives to boutique farms in city and suburbs… Read more »

The Water Cure

Warm water aids digestion. Those four words are part of Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine and naturopathic medicine as taught in Germany. I have used warm water for the treatment of a variety of ailments of the gastrointestinal tract such as difficulty swallowing, indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome. When patients ask me what I take for… Read more »

Go(A2)t Milk?

Maybe you are like me, and although you don’t have a full-blown diary allergy, you consciously consume dairy and have earmarked which forms affect you and how – stomach grumbles, maybe a bathroom trip and/or sinus congestion. I’ve tried alternatives, each with their pros and cons (taste being a theme in the con column) and… Read more »

Healthy Ho Ho Holiday Appetizers

You’re invited to a holiday gathering and want to bring an easy awe-inspiring appetizer. You know most offerings will be more decadent than diet-conscious and are trying to stay on track through this busy social season. It’s time to get creative!  If you can dream up a holiday scene, you can build it with fruits… Read more »

Healthier Holiday Baking: Nut Flours

Mother Nature’s goal for fall is to fatten us up for the cold winter ahead. So she gave us apples and pumpkins…which usually end up in irresistible pies…topped with ice cream. These nostalgic months tempt us with seasonal tastes we’ve been anticipating all year, and there is no reason to deny ourselves. With a few… Read more »


Lolo’s Low-carb Lasagna

My husband and I both grew up with warm memories of our Italian roots and most of them revolved around food. Even though we now enjoy a low-carb, gluten-free lifestyle, we have found many satisfying substitutes to keep those traditions alive. Experimenting is half the fun; eating is the other! When it comes to pasta,… Read more »

Lose Weight, Think Straight with MCT

If your 2022 resolutions include losing weight and/or enhancing mental sharpness, lowering carbohydrate intake is a good place to start; then, you can easily expedite your efforts by adding MCT oil. This natural, coconut additive can effectively curb your appetite, enhance energy and fuel brain cells when coupled with a healthy low-carb diet.1,3  Medium chain… Read more »

Cooking Up Some Healthy Fun

As you may have read on page three, our favorite former NBC anchor, columnist and friend, Janet Zappala, has moved back to her hometown of Los Angeles. However, she is still working to spread the word on healthy living through her new show, “Good Food Matters with Janet Zappala,” which will air on Amazon… Read more »

Healthier Pastas (Even Nonni Might Enjoy!)

Who doesn’t love pasta? If you grew up in an Italian family, preparing and eating a hearty plate of spaghetti warms your heart like a big kiss from Nonni.  But for those who have chosen a gluten- or grain-free lifestyle, eating pasta can send your stomach spiraling. While many gluten-free options are available, those made… Read more »

Salty Solutions

Making healthier choices doesn’t mean giving up everything you love and crave; it’s about finding satisfying, convenient alternatives and getting creative! In this new column, I’ll share ideas and favorites. Today’s topic: SALTY SOLUTIONS Who doesn’t love salt? We know it’s something to be consumed in moderation, but we all crave it, and unfortunately, the… Read more »