Big Game Winner!

Another exceptional serving from It’s a No Grainer, these unique bite-size apps combine the flavors of Italy – fresh buffalo mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil – with lean ground turkey for a game winning touchdown. Ingredients:  (Makes 16 meatballs) •  Marinara sauce for dipping Directions: Tips: May be cooked in two batches if pan… Read more »

Adequate Daily Protein is Vital to Longevity

Discussions around muscle usually revolve around “fitness” level and not health. However, muscle is vital for survival and built and maintained by amino acids from protein, so nutrition and muscle maintenance are worth a discussion. Up until our mid-30s, hormones accelerate our growth. Yet as we age, we rely more on amino acids and require… Read more »

Are Plant-Based Burgers Healthier?

For years, we’ve been told to cut back on red meat to improve health and reduce greenhouse emissions, and to eat more plants instead. For those of us who have, the one thing we can still crave is a big, juicy burger. How excited were we when Beyond Beef and Impossible Burgers hit the shelves? … Read more »

Savory Egg Muffins

These healthy breakfast egg muffins are easy, low carb and great for meal prep. Best part is they are gluten, dairy and grain-free. Perfect for just about any nutritional lifestyle!  Makes 12  Ingredients: 9 eggs (or egg substitutes) 1 tablespoon oil (olive, avocado or coconut) 1 clove garlic, finely chopped or 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder… Read more »

Maqui Hemp Smoothie

At Revitalize, we love superfoods for their powerful healing properties, and two of our favorites are maqui (pronounced “mah-kee”) and sacha inchi (“saa·shuh in·chee”). Maqui is a South American plant with purple-black berries that contain 30 times the antioxidant value of acai. It is believed to be one of the most antioxidant plants on earth… Read more »

Sweet Potato and Collard Green Gratin

Happy Holidays! This is the season we get to enjoy time with family and friends and share amazing food and wine. Here’s one of my favorite holiday recipes offering a creamy variation of sweet potatoes that all can enjoy as they are vegan andgluten-free.  Ingredients:  4 medium sized sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into ¼… Read more »

Pan-roasted Limey Cilantro Chicken

I came across this recipe a while back, but it was complicated. Life is about making things easier, so I simplified it for a quick and tasty meal that always “wows” company. I hope you enjoy it! (Serves 4) Marinade Ingredient: 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, split for the marinade and pan-frying.  Juice of… Read more »

Quinoa Salad

The Best Mediterranean Quinoa Salad with Chickpeas

So fresh and flavorful, this Mediterranean Quinoa Salad with Chickpeas is simple and doesn’t involve heating up the kitchen. Made with bell peppers, fresh herbs, crisp cucumber, kalamata olives and cherry tomatoes, you’ll get a delicious blend of flavors in every bite! Servings: 6 1 cup dry quinoa ½ cup pitted kalamata olives, chopped 15… Read more »

El Paseo patio at night

A Sweet Spot

Since they opened in November, I’ve been eyeing Sweet Basil California Eatery. As you cruise down El Paseo, the brilliant white building with teal blue lettering beckons the casual diner with a cozy welcome as if to say, “Stop in. We’ve been expecting you.” I’ve now returned numerous times. Meeting friends for lunch one day,… Read more »

Gotta Love Garlic

Home sweet home. We’ve all gotten well acquainted with our digs over the last year, more so than ever before. How about your kitchen? Gotten to know every nook and cranny, I’m sure, as cooking is on a path to becoming the new normal post COVID.  In fact, according to a recent study by the… Read more »

Yia Mas! “To Our Good Health”

Greeks are known for their celebratory lifestyle with zorba dancing, plate smashing and big family celebrations. They also bring us some of the best – and healthiest – Mediterranean cuisine.  Fortunately, you can find all this fun and goodness in Palm Desert at Koutouki Greek Estiatorio. The family-owned restaurant is the heart and dedication of… Read more »

Gluten Free with Tiffany

Easy Spiced Holiday Fruit Bake

Is there anything better to get us into the holiday mood than the nostalgic smells of the season? Most popular holiday dishes offer you that wonderful aroma, but are also heavy on sugar and fat. Many of us would like to commit to healthier family traditions this year, so make it an easy transition by… Read more »


Mighty Microgreens

In our vastly expanding world of information, it is no secret that what we choose to eat can directly affect our overall health. Chronic diseases continue to be a critical health concern across America.  In 2018, the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) conducted a study estimating that 85 million adults consume fast food… Read more »

Farm to Front Door

What happens when your livelihood comes to a screeching halt? You learn to pivot. That was the advice which inspired Palm Springs restaurateur Tony Marchese of Trio to think outside of the box. “With the pandemic, my business coach told me, ‘You need to pivot. Your business is closing and you need to do something… Read more »

Sprouting 101

Although hot summer temperatures may be making it hard to grow our own food, sprouting seeds and microgreens indoors can offer a great opportunity to nourish our bodies. These nutrient powerhouses can be grown right on your own countertop in just 3-7 days. The benefits are numerous, and the process is simple and fun. If… Read more »


Deliciously Dehydrated

You can’t talk about good health and proper nutrition without focusing on hydration as physical dehydration can land you in the emergency room.  But eating dehydrated food can have quite the opposite effect on your body. The dehydration process seals in nutrients and provides delicious snacks with a long shelf life. Dehydrated food can be… Read more »