Thanksgiving and seasonal holidays are upon us and it is the time to be jolly. It’s the time to get together with your loved ones, friends and family, create memories, and heal things of the past. Or, it’s a good time to accept that we can’t change others, but we can change ourselves. If we come to peace with that, it lessens our internal struggles with those of contrasting viewpoints, allowing us to overcome our differences and see other people’s perspectives. I am not saying that you must agree with everyone, as your truth is valid and does not need approval from others. What I’m suggesting is that the holiday season is not the time to convince others that you are right. 

The year 2020 taught us many lessons including that life is too short to hold on to grudges. If you didn’t have the opportunity to spend time with family and friends last year and you missed them, see them. If you felt that 2020 gave you a chance to connect with yourself, and you want to be in your own space within your home and not be obligated to travel and see your family and friends, then listen to your heart and do exactly that. 

However, if you are choosing to do things from a negative outlook, past resentments, anger, jealousy, abandonment, frustrations and obligations, I ask you to check in with that emotion. Does the emotion need to be right? Is that need more important than your sanity? Why would you hold yourself back from happiness in this moment because of something that happened in the past? 

This holiday season I invite you to create peace within yourself, so you can see peace in the world outside of you. Remember your thoughts, feelings and emotions are creating your reality. Those thoughts may leave you feeling unloved, disconnected, frustrated and out of control. If the emotions do control you, this is even more of a reason for you to step out and connect to those who love you. Try creating new holiday traditions that support you, instead of feeling stuck in the past. Instead, create in the moment, be in the moment, and focus your awareness on today. 

We don’t have control over what happened in the past, but we do have control over what actions we take today. And whatever you choose to do during this holiday season, don’t let anything destroy your own joy and inner happiness. I love you, and the whole world loves you, my dear friends. I wish you the happiest of holidays. 

Dipika Patel is a certified holistic health coach and lifestyle practitioner who empowers her clients to activate an overall balanced lifestyle of mind, body and soul. She can be reached at (760) 821.3119 or

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