HAPPY DAY! WE MADE IT. 2021 is upon us, and we all get a fresh, new start. It’s time to set goals, ponder dreams and send forth our intentions for this brand-new year.

While we might like to erase much of last year, there are many things learned worth carrying forward. 

We’ve gained a greater appreciation for all we have and we’re reminded that our people are the most important, second only to our health.

We’ve learned the value of being kind human beings and the difference small acts of kindness can make. We’ve learned not to judge others because only they know what they are going through. In losing our ability to smile at those passing by, we came to understand the value of a smile. We’ve learned that none of us are invincible, and it’s ok to ask for help. We need each other, and we are here for each other.

We’ve learned the value of slowing down, the joy and often patience that comes with learning new things. We’ve learned to ebb and flow with uncertain times; instability emphasizing the importance of managing stress. 

We’re reminded that all human life matters and that we are all created equal. Our world is small, and when faced with a common threat, we realize no matter our differences, we are all human beings.

We have come to value the happiness found in simple things and that small accomplishments can go a long way. We’ve been inspired by the unexpected and are more grateful than ever for those on the frontline.

We’ve come to understand that the greatest purpose in life is simply to live and to live happily, to honor the strength we have within and to use that strength to make staying well a top priority.

What goals are you going to set this year? Big or small, make sure they enliven your spirit, strengthen your well-being and calm your mind. Be a kind human and make each day count. Love your people, and remember, the most important thing you can do for them is to take care of yourself. 

It’s a brand-new year, and we all get a fresh, new start!

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