Corrective Rhinoplasty

Plastic surgery results usually come out great, but there are exceptions. Unsatisfactory results occur often enough that some surgeons, like me, develop a reputation as being the go-to man to rescue a bad result. When a surgical nose result is bad, it’s very troubling to a person. It cannot be concealed. Make up helps a… Read more »

The Lips Speak Volumes

Lips speak to people – literally and figuratively. Even when someone isn’t talking, a down-turned corner of the mouth says, “I disapprove. I’m sad. I’m angry.” That’s not so bad if you are expressing sadness, anger or disapproval, but what if you aren’t? Lips can betray you and say something that isn’t true or correct.… Read more »

The Year of the Rear

In my practice, 2015 could be called “The Year of the Rear” because buttock procedures have exploded in popularity. Both men and women are having procedures done in higher numbers than ever before. The most commonly requested procedure is known as the Brazilian butt lift. There are a handful of high profile celebrities that deny… Read more »

Surgery vs. Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

Twenty years ago, non-invasive options for cosmetic improvement were few and were crude compared with what is available today. Collagen and silicone injections were the only options for fillers, and chemical peels were the solitary choice for skin resurfacing. The collagen of yesterday was effective for a very short time compared with today’s options, and… Read more »

Turn Up the Volume

Plastic surgeons used to focus on “removing the problem.” Eyelid bagginess? Remove the fat. Jowls on the jaw line? Suck it out and cut away some skin. Droopy brow? Take away a strip of the scalp. But times change and new philosophies have emerged regarding facial rejuvenation. Retaining the fullness of youth is a new… Read more »