Supplementing with Natural Medicine

When it comes to your health, do you rely solely on the advice of your primary care physician, or do you also seek input from a natural health provider? If faced with a serious health concern, you’d probably get a second opinion to understand all your options, so why wouldn’t you do the same to… Read more »

2022 global wellness trends

Soil, Survival and Soulful Stimulation…

Each year, we look forward to the Global Wellness Summit’s (GWS) annual Global Wellness Trends Report. These fascinating concepts, ideas and innovations are often solutions to some of humankind’s most daunting challenges, and 2022’s trends speak loudly to the fragility of life and our planet.  According to the panel of worldwide experts that contribute, people… Read more »

Anything is Possible

Our New Way of Thinking

Doesn’t it seem that many are in transition right now? Friends are changing jobs or starting new careers, others are taking sabbaticals and time to figure out their next steps, neighbors are selling homes and moving away, and businesses are reinventing the way to work. The new normal is looking quite different as people emerge… Read more »

Hello, World!

Are You Ready?

Something strange is happening with my social circle. We finally get the green light to gather, and many don’t want to step outside. Even the most gregarious are experiencing a bit of apprehension at this unleashing we’ve all been anticipating — including me. While excitement to hang out with old friends, support restaurants and return… Read more »

Frank’s Story

Frank Meadows was a high school track and field star with a promising future. He had a passion for running and dedicated himself to staying in shape. Raised in a military family, he entered the US Naval Academy Preparatory School at 17, looking forward to a naval career. Unfortunately, life had different plans for Meadows.… Read more »

Almost There

What Will Ensue as We Emerge?

The Champagne is chilling, and we’re all about ready to POP! Things are beginning to open up, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. We can’t wait for the days of hugs, hospitality, friends and festivals to return; these previously presumed pleasures are starting to feel within reach. March marks a full… Read more »

tending to BIG T and little t Trauma

Pandemic Trauma is Real

What led me to write this article is the noticeable increase in clients seeking help for their mental and emotional distress, particularly as the pandemic has drawn on. Is the rise in people seeking psychological help coming from the stress of the current pandemic’s circumstances? For many, it is. However, I’ve also seen a surge… Read more »

Together Apart

Desert Life Today

So much has changed. The world has changed. I have changed. Those around me have changed. And life in the desert has certainly changed. While we each found our way to this unique place for different reasons – some to escape city life or retire in the sun, others to take care of parents or… Read more »

Committing to health with image of avocados

What We’ve Learned from COVID-19

The many trials and tribulations over the past few months have certainly taught us a lot. One of the most valuable lessons demonstrated is the importance of taking care of ourselves – both physically and mentally. While seniors continue to be most vulnerable to this distressing pandemic, a new report from the Centers for Disease… Read more »