Tips for Peak Performance

Today’s cars have come a long way from the classics of yesteryear. Remember all the work it took to keep them running well? Whereas today’s electric cars can even drive themselves. When you think about it, it’s rather similar to our brains and those phones always in our hands. Remember how much we had to… Read more »

This year, let’s look inward

Spring renewal always invokes ideas for a fresh start: clean out the garage, weed through your closet, rearrange your workspace. We find great joy in tackling these menial tasks which can leave us with a satisfying sense of accomplishment. What if, this year, we look inward instead? What spring cleaning can we do on ourselves… Read more »

Global Wellness Summit’s 2024 Trends

Each March, we share the newly released Global Wellness Summit’s (GWS) annual wellness trends. Their Future of Wellness report is the longest-running and most in-depth forecast of what consumers across the globe are seeking in an effort to improve well-being. It also outlines what businesses, governments and industries are providing to satisfy those desires. The… Read more »

$65M @ 65: Golf Continues to Give

This year, our valley’s esteemed PGA TOUR golf tournament, The American Express, celebrates 65 years. The tournament originally launched in 1960 as the Palm Springs Golf Classic. It has seen its share of ups and down over the decades but has grown to become one of sport’s best special events, a nomination proudly received in… Read more »

Let’s Get Out of Our Minds…

When was the last time you were out of your mind? Not with the help of outside influences, but on your own accord. Completely and utterly absent from thought, rumination and responsibility.  Our minds never seem to stop thinking, planning and problem solving, especially during this vibrant time of year.  Busy brain has its benefits,… Read more »

Follow Your Dreams they know The Way

Dreams to Remember

The average person has three to seven dreams per night. Did you know that vivid early morning dreams, the ones you have just before awakening, are the easiest to remember? According to experts, this dream memory happens during the rapid eye movement (REM) stages of sleep, when brain activity increases and is not as deep.… Read more »

Longevity Hotspot

Will We Become a Blue Zone?

Not too long ago Palm Springs was commonly referred to as Heaven’s Doorstep or God’s Waiting Room. Seniors from all over the country ascended in droves to bask in the sun, play tennis and golf and toast cocktails with friends for their “final act.” Retirement in the palm-laden paradise offered idyllic living that was soon… Read more »

If you could know, would you?

Cancer Blood Test Could be a Game Changer

If you could take a simple blood test to screen for more than 50 cancers, would you? It’s an interesting question to ponder, and one I put out on social media when invited to do just that. We first wrote about the research behind the multi-cancer early detection blood test in 2021 as a cancer… Read more »

Playing with Purpose

The Coachella Valley is a uniquely special place, and much of that has to do with our longstanding fervor for fun and philanthropy. Early on, our ever-shining sun and spectacular landscapes set the stage for our “playground to the stars.” Today, those same elements attract a variety of world-renowned events that entertain and support us. … Read more »

Embrace Today

How grateful are we?

The holidays are here! Time to gather with friends and family, toast traditions, savor bountiful meals, swap gifts, share stories and be together. Just like the good old days. How happy are we? The more important question may be, how grateful are we? We made it through two seasons offoregoing traditions, avoiding gatherings, being alone,… Read more »

Supplementing with Natural Medicine

When it comes to your health, do you rely solely on the advice of your primary care physician, or do you also seek input from a natural health provider? If faced with a serious health concern, you’d probably get a second opinion to understand all your options, so why wouldn’t you do the same to… Read more »

2022 global wellness trends

Soil, Survival and Soulful Stimulation…

Each year, we look forward to the Global Wellness Summit’s (GWS) annual Global Wellness Trends Report. These fascinating concepts, ideas and innovations are often solutions to some of humankind’s most daunting challenges, and 2022’s trends speak loudly to the fragility of life and our planet.  According to the panel of worldwide experts that contribute, people… Read more »