Happy New Year, Everyone! We are so glad you are here. This edition is bursting with inspiration and tips to help set you on your path to greater wellness, and we all can use that.

Lauren welcoming guests to board at a Good Vibes Floating Sound Bath (Photo by Lani Garfield)

In a recent conversation with my friend Dr. Susan Murphy, she said studies show that we are under more stress now than during the pandemic. I found that alarming and hard to believe, until a recent series of events brought it full circle.

As many of you know, Michelle Steadman and I started a fun little side business, Good Vibes Sound Bath. The opportunity to drift into pure relaxation while floating on water under the desert sky, surrounded by soothing sounds, soft candles and scents has garnered much praise by those who have enjoyed the experience.

What we didn’t expect was the response our local business would have around the world. Some of our social media posts have received over 4 million views and have been shared over 10,000 times. With only 52 posts, we have over 11,000 followers and those numbers continue to grow. It’s astounding and we feel very blessed.

People are stressed and obviously seeking opportunities to help them relax and embody a sense of calm and clarity. It starts with accepting that self-care is not selfish, as author Debra LaCoppola emphasizes in her wonderful new book Care 360º. With this mantra propelling you into 2024, you’ll find further inspiration on our pages with So Much More in ’24; Freedom from FOMO; Stop, Challenge, Consider, Choose; Walking Towards Health One Step at a Time and more.

This year, let’s embrace equanimity and self-care. Replenishing your resources makes you a better person for everyone else, and most importantly, for you. These words are my final touches on this edition, so it’s time for me to go practice what I preach. We can’t wait to see you soon!

Make it Your ’24 ~

Lauren Del Sarto

Lauren Del Sarto

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