Seniors: Go Low and Slow When Trying Cannabis

During our five years of helping seniors better understand the benefits of medical and recreational cannabis, Senior-High has maintained one consistent stipulation: when first using cannabis with THC, go “low and slow.” We strongly suggest that first-time users who may have tried cannabis years ago approach today’s gummies, vapes, pre-rolls and tinctures cautiously. Only buy… Read more »

Making Sense of Cannabis Packaging

Sometimes it feels like you have to be Indiana Jones to decipher all the information on a cannabis product packaging (or be a chemist named Jeff Spicoli). So, to help our Senior-High students better understand what they’re buying, we offer this handy explanation of those numbers and nomenclature. Ratio. The most common products sought as… Read more »

Still Counting Sheep?

If you miss sleeping like a baby – sans the crying, bed wetting and screaming – then you’re with us. Getting older and getting a good night’s rest seem to be mutually exclusive. But we know why you’re having issues and believe some simple suggestions and appropriate use of CBD tinctures may help you get… Read more »

Experimenting with Cannabis

With cannabis now readily available in California, many are experimenting and with that may come the fear – or unpleasant experience – of becoming too high. While there is no getting “unhigh” quickly, several things can help you relax and ride it out. Know that this will pass The feeling of discomfort or panic has… Read more »

Can I Travel with Cannabis?

Recent news stories have put the spotlight on the potential hazards of traveling internationally with cannabis, but what about domestic travel? With the laws in flux, many have asked, so we thought we’d do some digging and help, uh, clear the air. With international travel, it’s obvious: Don’t even think about it. No, non, nyet,… Read more »

Beautiful composition with jar of hemp lotion on wooden background

Less Pain for Cancer Patients

A study published this year in Frontiers in Pain Research demonstrated that cancer patients who use medical marijuana may experience less pain, reduced symptoms and a better quality of life. Study participants were also able to rely less on opioid painkillers with minimal side effects, according to the study’s Israeli researchers hailing from both medical… Read more »

CBD for Orthopedic Care

Cannabidiol (CBD) continues to gain attention in orthopedic and health care circles and is used in the treatment of anxiety and chronic pain, as well as other conditions. CBD plays a major corrective function in the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which may make it a viable treatment alternative for people experiencing back or joint pain. What… Read more »

The Benefits of CBD Topicals

It’s important to focus proactively on health and wellness, such as eating better and exercising regularly; however, as we age we also pay the price for the activities in our younger years.  Aches and pains, whether from old injuries or new sports, exercise routines and illness, are challenges that can stop us from continuing on… Read more »

Lung Health: Smoking Marijuana

Many people tend to smoke marijuana because they think that it’s safer than smoking cigarettes. It’s an herb and it’s natural, but how safe is it? On April 20 of this year (the unofficial day celebrating all things cannabis), local doctor Eric Presser, MD, was invited to KATU-TV in Portland, Oregon, to discuss marijuana and… Read more »

Understanding the Use of Marijuana

With the passing of Proposition 64 this past November, marijuana (aka cannabis) is now legal in California with some restrictions, depending on local and municipal guidelines. Marijuana is still considered illegal under Federal law. Despite records dating back 4,700 years documenting medicinal uses of marijuana, no one knew how it worked until 1964 when a… Read more »