Harvest the Season

Merriam-Webster’s definition of harvest is to gather, remove or extract a crop or living cell. In the world of finance, it’s the season to review your potential tax liability for the current year and harvest unrealized losses to offset any realized gains.  Realized vs. unrealized. A realized gain (or loss) occurs when an asset or… Read more »

hands holding coins and plant

The ABCs of ESGs

History demonstrates socially responsible investing (SRI) has been present since the 1800’s. It began with adversity to companies that manufactured tobacco and alcohol or promoted gambling in an era  known as the Age of Reason.   In 1971, the first socially responsible investing fund was launched by Pax World, a sustainable investment firm, and in… Read more »

The Block Party: The Game of Crypto

When I was a kid, I loved our annual block party; lots of food, fun and games. Some years multiple blocks would participate. One year we had a huge scavenger hunt where each family had a set of clues for the items to collect. The clues were extremely sophisticated, puzzle-type questions that needed to be… Read more »

Freeze the Fraud

Many years ago, I received a $30,000 tax bill from the state. I was a freshman in college and the world wide web had yet to be launched for public use. After several long calls to the state, it was determined that my social security number had been compromised. Fortunately, I was not held responsible… Read more »

Building Foundation

This Old House

As one of the first do-it-yourself (DIY) shows over 40 years ago, “This Old House” focused on home renovations and improvements. Today, there are dozens of DIY shows and dedicated networks to watch renovations and new home construction. One constant in every show, whether a home is being modernized or built from scratch, is that… Read more »

Anxiety and Our Children

Recently, the Women’s Advisory Institute at Beacon Pointe Advisors hosted an event discussing anxiety among our children and the challenges this past year has presented.  As we embark on another school year, we thought it was important to keep the conversation going.   Anxiety and mental health issues occur at all ages, whether it’s a… Read more »

Inflation Deflation

Meet the Flations: In, D, Stag, and Hyper

As we’ve seen the rise of inflation thus far in 2021, it is important to understand the different types of inflation to assess if there is a need for concern. Inflation An increase in the price of goods and services within the economy. The cost of a specific product or service may inflate due to… Read more »

Going to the Chapel with PMS

Marriage is an exciting time in one’s life. Planning for a wedding entails a lot of time and effort, regardless of the size of the celebration. Nowadays, there are many layers to consider when contemplating those nuptials. Where will you live? Do you want kids? Are you marrying into an instant family?  Ask yourself if… Read more »

The Parent Trap

Hello, 2021! Boy, are we glad to see you. However, with an unbelievable year behind us, many are still faced with the repercussions of the extraordinary events in 2020; pointedly, the need for families to move in together. Whether you are a recent college graduate or a full household, moving home takes on a whole… Read more »

1920s and 2020s

A Tale of Two Decades

When looking back at the roaring ‘20s I think of flappers, jazz music and prohibition. However, it was a time of social and political change, defiance and the great stock market crash. Sound familiar?  We’re barely in the first year of a new decade and it’s already lived up to the name of Roaring 20… Read more »

Trying to Hang Ten in a Tidal Wave

The year is 2020 and I’m on an island called Pandemic. The plan was to relax and enjoy the spring while preparing for the summer surf season. As I look out to sea, the series of waves catches my attention. There is a calming element to watching the tide go in and out. Depending on… Read more »

CalSavers is Coming, CalSavers is Coming!

With our nation in a retirement savings crisis, California has joined seven other states in implementing a savings plan for employees: the CalSavers Retirement Savings Program.  It is a state-run retirement plan for all companies that do not offer an employee-sponsored plan such as a 401(k), 403(b), SEP, SIMPLE or Payroll Deduction IRA with automatic… Read more »

The Bucket List

Ringing in the New Year always sparks reflection on a new beginning and enthusiastic goals for the year ahead. Whether it be personal growth, must do experiences, or starting a new way of eating, we plan by jotting it down on paper, making a visual board, or telling someone our desires to be held accountable.… Read more »

Allocation Pie

‘Tis the season…to eat pie! With the holidays around the corner, many of us will forego our diets and allow ourselves to enjoy the season baking our favorite desserts to share with family and friends or enjoy the benefits of the enthusiastic chefs in the group.  As a seasonal baker, I reflected on the time… Read more »