Living Wellness with Jennifer DiFrancesco

Don’t Retire…Just Rewire

A number of incidents in my life recently converged, causing me to examine stages of life, quality of each transition, and my preoccupation with aging. This awareness began after listening to Craig Marshall, a magnetic life coach, deliver a talk entitled ‘Don’t Retire, Just Rewire.’ At 23 years of age, Craig became a yoga monk with… Read more »

Living Wellness with Jennifer

Living Wellness

Travel and summer adventures are memories that linger with us the remainder of the year. I recently read that travel positively impacts the brain’s plasticity; when on an adventure away from home, we expand our brain’s capability, adaptability and flexibility. My biggest life lesson this summer was a visit to Croatia. There are over a… Read more »

Living Wellness with Jennifer DiFrancesco

True Expressions of Grit

Almost daily, we witness ‘stick-to-itiveness’ and perseverance expressed as “true grit.” Personally, I am attracted to the word “grit” which suggests to me courage, resolve, firmness of character, and an indomitable spirit. These are all lofty personality traits to pursue. The elusive mystery resides in how we achieve the qualities of this simple, yet weighty,… Read more »

Working Toward Wellness

What a wonderful year this has been so far! We are lucky to live in this incredible community with so many opportunities to grow and learn, and with such a focus on living – and being – well. Did you attend the Eisenhower Wellness Speaker Series lectures by Dr. Davis or Still Alice author Lisa… Read more »