Brushing Up on Oral Health

Home hygiene is the most important factor in keeping a healthy mouth and, of course, it starts with our toothbrush. There are two main classes of toothbrushes: traditional manual and electric. The vast majority of Americans still use a manual toothbrush. This is not a bad thing, as a good manual toothbrush with soft bristles… Read more »

Lighting Up Your Smile

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 14 percent of American adults smoke cigarettes. Although this is a drastic decrease from the prevalence seen during the mid-20th century, that is still about 43 million people who consider themselves smokers. Some of the overall negative health effects of this habit are well known, but many… Read more »

Guard Your Smile

Fall is upon us and the weather is getting cooler. To many, that’s the anticipation of back to school and the return of school sports. For dentists, it often means an upswing in athletic dental injuries.  Dental injuries are a major concern in athletics, and it not only affects kids. According to the ADA, about… Read more »

Another Reason to Think About Gum Disease

It’s estimated about 6 million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s. The causes are still not clearly understood, but new research has found a possible link between the debilitating condition and periodontal disease.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that nearly 50 percent of adults in the U.S. have some form of gum disease, and… Read more »

Lasers Light the Way in Dentistry

Imagine being able to go to the dentist and not having to be numbed up or hear the sound of the drill. This scenario has become a reality with the advancements in dental lasers. Lasers can make many dental procedures much more comfortable and less invasive than traditional methods. There are multiple types of lasers… Read more »

Coffee, Tea or Toothbrush?

Americans drink a lot of caffeinated beverages. Every day, the majority of us consume at least one drink that contains caffeine. While many people need that kick to get them through the day, there are effects on oral health I’d like to present for consideration. Coffee is the second most popular caffeinated beverage in our… Read more »

What Are these White Spots?

If you have white spots on your teeth and ever wondered why they are there or what can be done about them, you are not alone. These white spots, called demineralization, can cause some to be self-conscious about their smile. Luckily, advancements in technology have made this condition much easier to treat noninvasively and without… Read more »

Dental Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time for any mother, but it often comes with questions about what is safe and important for oral health and dental care. During pregnancy, as hormone levels change, there can be an effect on the oral cavity. One of the more common occurrences is “pregnancy gingivitis” where the gums can become… Read more »

Oh, No! I Lost My Tooth

Accidents happen. And if the teeth are involved, especially the front teeth, it can be very scary. However, hope is not lost, even if the trauma is as severe as having a tooth completely come out, as most teeth can be saved and repaired as long as a few important steps are followed. There are… Read more »

Goodbye Bad Breath!

Hallitosis, or bad breath, is something with which many people struggle. It can be embarrassing and uncomfortable to worry about constantly. There are multiple causes to bad breath but most cases stem back to odor-causing bacteria in the mouth. Multiple actions can be taken to reduce the number of these bacteria and lead to fresher… Read more »

Dentures Got You Down?

Traditionally, when someone lost all of their teeth, removable dentures were the only option to restore a smile. With dentures come some compromises; they can be ill-fitting and uncomfortable, making chewing difficult. Today, technology has advanced and better options are available ranging from better fitting and more esthetic dentures to implant-supported porcelain bridges that look… Read more »