Dr. Lyon’s Forever Strong

Gabrielle Lyon, MD has shifted the discussion of wellness to a focus on skeletal muscle as the key to long-term health. She is the founder of Muscle Centric Medicine and treats patients from all over the world in her New York City office. She is board certified in family medicine and geriatrics and studied nutritional… Read more »

The Healing Power of Honey

Honey is an extremely effective homeopathic treatment for a wide variety of ailments. It has been used in the treatment of disease for thousands of years, as evidenced by early Stone Age paintings depicting its use and extensive references in religious texts. Traditional medical writings outline honey’s use as a treatment of eye disease, bronchial… Read more »

Does NAD+ Really Work?

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a popular supplement in the anti-aging realm, as significant research supports its effectiveness in enhancing energy production. My husband’s integrative doctor, Joe Scherger, MD, has had him taking it orally for several years. But because it works at the cellular level, it’s hard to directly measure its efficacy, and while… Read more »

Omega-3 Benefits and Risks

Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to deliver health benefits for cardiovascular support, cognitive function and joint integrity. However, it is important to also recognize the potential risks associated with their use.   One of the primary risks associated with supplementation revolves around the potential for excessive bleeding or interference with blood clotting mechanisms. Omega-3… Read more »

Dr. Walker’s Why We Sleep

In his new book Why We Sleep, Matthew Walker, PhD gives us the hard truths about sleep, stating that if we do not get a full night’s sleep, we will be impaired, even at the level of a drunk driver. The science says we need 7-9 hours of restful sleep a night to be healthy,… Read more »

Prescribing Vegetables

Many health practitioners find themselves excited by something relatively simple these days – vegetables. For decades, we’ve been told that a prescription is the easiest and fastest way to control a medical condition. But, every day it seems another study is released that supports using food and lifestyle as a treatment for many of the… Read more »

Trending Towards the Greater Good

A shift is taking place in the choices we make about food. For generations, we’ve been influenced by taste, traditions and often our waistlines, prioritizing appearance, pleasure and personal satisfaction. But according to international advertising agency TBWA’s new Future of Food report, growing trends are putting people and our planet first. The fascinating compilation was… Read more »

The Miraculous Medicine of a Grateful Heart

Amidst the busyness of life, it is easy to forget the little things that contribute to our overall health and wellness.  Gratitude, defined as an appreciation of the good things in one’s life, is one of those often-overlooked things. Recent research in quantum science and psychology, however, indicates that one of the most powerful components… Read more »

Transforming Care through Wisdom and Compassion

In 2021, the renowned New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care launched the Contemplative Medicine Fellowship, a 12-month training for physicians, advanced practice registered nurses and physician assistants, designed to immerse participants in the alleviation of suffering while supporting clinic responsibilities. The following editorial, which first appeared in the international journal Palliative & Supportive Care,… Read more »

Look Up, Lean Back

We all look down too much. Our modern culture has us frequently looking down at devices, keyboards, papers and books. However, our neck is designed for us to be looking in the opposite direction. All the muscles in the back of the neck are erector muscles; our hunter-gatherer bodies should be looking forward and up. … Read more »

Understanding Vertigo

Dizziness, or vertigo, is a frequently reported symptom among those seeking medical attention. Patients often describe their symptoms as their body moving in a swaying or rotating motion, the environment around them appearing to do so or both. Vertigo can have a diverse range of causes and presents with varying characteristics. However, certain factors can… Read more »

Do You Know Your (New) Numbers?

Many of us set an ideal target weight based on what our scale tells us. But, that’s only a fraction of the story. Here’s how testing your body composition gives you the full story and how to most effectively improve it. Beyond weight and height, body composition considers your individual muscle, organs, bone, fat, tissue… Read more »

Making Sense of Cannabis Packaging

Sometimes it feels like you have to be Indiana Jones to decipher all the information on a cannabis product packaging (or be a chemist named Jeff Spicoli). So, to help our Senior-High students better understand what they’re buying, we offer this handy explanation of those numbers and nomenclature. Ratio. The most common products sought as… Read more »

Mark Hyman, MD’s Young Forever

More than 10 years ago I became interested in two areas of alternative medicine: functional medicine and anti-aging. Functional medicine addresses the present health habits of a person to prevent or reverse disease. Anti-aging medicine addresses the future and seeks greater longevity and health span. As I attended conferences in both areas, I was impressed… Read more »

Fiber: The Carb You Should Be Counting

Average American adults eat 10-15 grams of fiber daily, significantly less than the 22-34 grams recommended to prevent common health maladies including obesity, cardiovascular disease, digestive disorders and colon cancer. Current research supports even higher recommendations of 50 grams daily for ideal metabolic health, which includes optimal blood sugar (fasting glucose), triglycerides, HDL cholesterol, blood… Read more »

Chilling with My Valentine

This past Valentine’s Day, I was getting over a cold, so I asked my sweetheart if we could forego the dinner and vino for something really good for us.  So, we headed to the new Restore Hyper Wellness to try a rejuvenating cryotherapy session. I thought the rush of blood might enhance my state of… Read more »

Making Peace with Your Plate

If you struggle with your relationship with food and your body, you are not alone. According to a Harris Poll, 70% of U.S. men and 80% of women suffer from food guilt. As a result, the dieting industry is a $71 billion industry that has people doubting themselves and their bodies. These statistics tell me… Read more »