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It's All About Balance
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So glad you could join us!

I’m Lauren Del Sarto, a meticulous professional who has burned the candle at both ends my entire life. When I reached my 40s, I committed to finally achieving a healthy life balance.

At 53, I’m still working at it – and thoroughly enjoying the journey.

They say achieving balance can be a lifelong struggle, but I consider it an incredible adventure of heart-opening exploration. And it certainly makes you a better person. (more…)

The ONE thing you really need…

By Lauren Del Sarto / Posted on July 18, 2018

What is the one thing you know your body really needs but don’t make enough time for? Why is that? For me, it’s yoga. I spent a good portion of my childhood in a Milwaukee brace (yes, the same one you read about from Judy Blume…a story for another day). Read more…

SIGNS you are (way) off balance

By Lauren Del Sarto / Posted on July 12, 2018

OK. I’m way off balance. Ever happened? Maybe it’s a bad day where nothing goes right, a surge of undue stress, or a strange pain that comes out of nowhere. Maybe it’s a speeding ticket. That’s what got me this time… Last week, my Italian father traveled across the country Read more…

Make it a Journey

By Lauren Del Sarto / Posted on June 28, 2018

Have you ever thought about taking a day trip to the mountains or the beach only to talk yourself out of it? It’s too far…I’ve got too much to do…I just want to relax. Next time, do it. In fact, grab a friend and make it a journey. It’s summertime Read more…