Siempre Mejor

Since June of 1940, guests looking to enhance wellness arrived on a land originally belonging to the Native Kumeyaay at the base of Mt. Kuchumaa, a sacred peak historically protected by shamans. This earthly temple rises above Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico. In those early days, guests traveled to listen to Edmond Szekely who… Read more »

Improve Our World with Random Acts of Kindness

What if kindness were a muscle? How could you strengthen your kindness muscle? Muscles develop through repetitious exercise that is focused and disciplined.  Can you imagine the world if everyone exercised their kindness muscles daily? Our homes would be more joyful, marriages would be thriving, workplaces would be more collaborative and engaging. Even the news… Read more »

Harmony vs. Balance

Do you find yourself looking for “balance” in your life? What is it that our spirit truly seeks in this ongoing desire? Whenever I hear someone say, “I need to find balance in my life,” I can sense the dampening of passion within their spirit. The Oxford definition for balance (as a noun) is “an… Read more »

Don't Give Up

Q2 Pep Talk: New Year Resolutions

Welcome spring! How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions? In the fitness category may be the typical weight loss goal of 20 to 30 pounds or something as ambitious as your first marathon.  Hopefully, you are working hard and on your way to obtaining those goals. Or, possibly you’ve given up out of… Read more »

Gratefully Moving Forward Into 2022

My daily intention is to live consistently with an attitude of gratitude, or as Reverend Michael Beckwith states, “May you suffer from chronic gratitude.”  Chronic gratitude. What a fabulous blessing to have in your life. According to William Chopik, PhD, an assistant professor of psychology and director of the Close Relationships Lab at Michigan State… Read more »

Welcome Back

“Welcome back” can have a multitude of meanings such as coming home, rejoining a social group, or returning to a healthy lifestyle. Those two little words have more gravity in recent months as we slowly return to a feeling of connection to one another, and to our better selves.  Through the holidays it is common… Read more »