Peace on Earth Begins Within

We all grew up relishing the holidays as a time for peace on earth and good will to men. Will those words ring true this year? Will this season deliver the celestial feeling of holidays past; the assuring sense, as we gather with family and friends, that all will be okay? Often at annual gatherings,… Read more »

This Season’s Heartbeat

Aren’t these desert mornings spectacular? After a sweltering summer, this time of year reminds us why we live here. Season has arrived and this year, more than ever, our anticipation of increased social schedules, seasonal friends and heightened energy has us talking. Are we ready? With each new issue of Desert Health, we have an… Read more »

CCHS Prepares With COVID Testing

With everything going on during the COVID-19 pandemic, Cathedral City High School (CCHS) has taken safety precautions to ensure that the students’ and staff’s health is secured. Students and staff can sign a consent form to allow the school to test them for COVID-19. The free test is conducted on campus and results are given… Read more »

Infectious Disease Vaccines Matter

Editorial adapted from study published in American J Managed Care, July 2021. Desert Medical Advances of Coachella Valley (DMA) is a rheumatology clinic specializing in clinical trials for the past 30 years. Recently, our team conducted a causal inference study using prospective data from 39 clinical trials globally compared to over a thousand patients locally… Read more »

Pets Bring Health and Happiness

Science has now proven what we animal lovers knew all along. Many studies validate that the companionship of dogs and cats lowers high blood pressure, reduces stress, and improves our overall mental and physical health.1  During this time of uncertainty, many people need relief from loneliness and anxiety. At the same time, many pets, whose… Read more »

Guard Your Smile

Fall is upon us and the weather is getting cooler. To many, that’s the anticipation of back to school and the return of school sports. For dentists, it often means an upswing in athletic dental injuries.  Dental injuries are a major concern in athletics, and it not only affects kids. According to the ADA, about… Read more »

If The Shoe Fits

Our feet are capable of pretty amazing feats. The average person takes 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day which adds up to approximately 115,000 miles in an average lifetime! And when running, your feet absorb the force of three or four times your normal body weight. This is especially impressive considering the foot is an… Read more »

MD, DO, NMD, ND…Oh, My!

When it comes to health care, there are many options of providers and specialists. This is to your advantage, but it can all be so confusing. This article is intended to clarify a few of the different types of medical doctors and common terms. While not an exhaustive list, it is meant to aid you… Read more »

Creating True North this Holiday Season

The intensity of the last 19 months might be lessening, but some of us still aren’t feeling the stability of years past. There is this frenzy to “get back to normal,” yet there is also an awareness that we are not sure what that is anymore. This holiday season might look different – different friends,… Read more »

This is The Age of Aquarius

Mother Earth has a measurable heartbeat of 7.83 Hz, and according to NASA, her heartbeat has fluctuated more in the past few years than it has in the past six decades. The last time scientists saw similar energy frequencies was in the ‘60s. Astrologers will tell you this is from the change in the planets,… Read more »

The Benefits of Butter (Yes, Butter!)

There are few foods more comforting and versatile than butter. Although butter has been renounced by the medical and health community for years, it isn’t all bad. It’s true that butter is predominantly a saturated fat, and there is strong evidence that correlates the overconsumption of saturated fats with obesity and heart disease. However, maybe… Read more »

Healing Through Sound

Barbra Angel (Romanowska) is a musical prodigy. As a child, her world was a symphony. Everyday sounds filled her head in a chorus of pitches that made it hard to focus on schoolwork and socializing. She lived in a world of her own which helped save her from the harsh reality of growing up in… Read more »