As kids, goals that helped shaped our path towards adulthood were set for us. We started school at 5, became tweens at 10 and teenagers at 13. We couldn’t wait to drive, finish high school, and of course, turn 21.

Once we became adults, the job of setting goals was left up to us. How many can you remember setting over the years? Are you working towards any today?

Goals are great, as they help you determine what is really important in your life, compel you into action and help you maintain momentum as progress can be addictive. The best part is that achieving goals significantly builds self-esteem and character, and can make you giddily proud. 

With the New Year, we welcome a fresh start and the opportunity for new goals. What are yours? 

In January 2021, I set the goal of competing once again in the December Holiday Horse Show in Thermal. I trained all year to move up a division and was as ready as I’d ever be. Then, as you’ll read in this issue, I became very sick with COVID over Thanksgiving. Ten days at home left muscles weak and my doctor advised against competing, saying the chances of relapse were high. But I had worked hard all year and since I couldn’t get a refund, decided to simply do what I could.

After four days of early mornings and a packed schedule, I walked away with a Division Champion ribbon. I was exhausted, but never more proud of myself. Achieving my goal was the best medicine in the world for body, mind and soul, and I highly recommend it to anyone.

This issue is full of soul. There are deep messages of finding peace within, from letting go of the past to preserving the past, from achieving goals to making change, from moving forward gratefully to determining how you want to feel in the New Year. Dr. Brossfield shares her story on finding purpose and Dr. Scherger reminds us of the lost art of breathing.

As we enter our 12th year, we cannot thank you enough for your support of Desert Health and all our marketing partners who continue to make this publication possible. 

Share your 2022 goals with us at! 

Wishing you happiness, health and success ~

Lauren Del Sarto

Lauren Del Sarto

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