How are you doing? During this time we’ve been thinking of you, dear readers, and eager to present this special issue inspiring health and hope from our local wellness community.

There has never been a more important time to build and maintain a healthy immune system. But how do you focus on good health when so much in your world seems bad? Eat right when all you want is a warm bowl of comfort food? Stay light when you feel you’re carrying the weight of the world? Focus when your mind seems so scattered?

Suffering and pain are a part of life’s journey and no matter the magnitude, we must remember that this, too, is simply a moment in time that will pass. And how we treat ourselves now will either hinder or help us on the other side.

“Beyond the hurt of this moment,
beyond the murky darkness,
there will be space and warmth and light.”

— Tamara Levitt

“When difficulties arise, it’s often our instinct to avoid and evade, to run and hide,” says mindfulness instructor Tamara Levitt. “But when we try to escape our suffering, it intensifies. We must learn to move through with courage and gentleness.” When we can touch suffering without being broken by it, she adds, we hurt much less and these challenging times can be a source of transformation and growth.

In this issue, you’ll find recommendations for getting, or staying, on track from both medical and wellness professionals: from immunity boosting foods and supplements to simple practices for reducing stress and anxiety; from local COVID-19 resources to tasty recipes to keep you strong; from a better night’s sleep to exercising in today’s environment
and more. 

Even if you haven’t used your time wisely, it’s not too late to start. Your health is your most important ally at this time; so, treat your body and mind with kindness, compassion and loving care, and remember “Beyond the hurt of this moment, beyond the murky darkness, there will be space and warmth and light.”

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