Our “Lessons in Longevity” column discovers and shares the secrets we seek from our elders on how to live a long and happy life. For this issue, I stopped by Palm Desert’s Joslyn Center. The Joslyn Center is always active and the energy positive
and bright. 

There I met 91-year old Benedict who just finished a yoga class; Frank who was meeting his regulars for a game of Pinochle (which would have been “Peanuckle” if I hadn’t looked it up); and 82-year old Dixie who jumped out of plane for her 80th birthday! They all had some great thoughts to share, but all agreed that a sense of community and friendships they developed at the Joslyn Center were essential ingredients to long-term happiness.

J. Charles AndersonJ. Charles Anderson, Indio (72)
“The key to longevity?  Move to the Desert, which we did in 2004. The weather truly is great for your bones and your mindset!”


Elmer Frank and Dixie Lee LohoffElmer Frank (84) and Dixie Lee Lohoff (82), Palm Desert
“You’ve got to have social groups and friends. We started a singles group here at Joslyn and always keep busy planning and enjoying activities like dancing and bowling. Oh yes, and the horses keep me young.”

“Be happy. If you have troubles, give them away! Life is too short.”


Andy MatuskaAndy Matuska, Bermuda Dunes (89)
“You’ve got to take care of yourself. And volunteering is great for your health. You are socializing and helping others at the same time.”


Benedict ReidBenedict Reid, Palm Desert (91-1/2)
“The first secret is to choose the right parents, because that is where your genes come from. After that, to stay young, you need to develop a skill that conforms to your personality, and to make time for a daily meditative practice. When you meditate and simplify, you become peaceful and calm, and you start to understand what all the circus is about, yet you stay centered.”



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  • Richard E Grant M.D

    I have known Fr Benedict Reid since 1972. St Gregory’s Abbey literally saved my medical career and healed my soul. I am now 68 and have had many trials and tribulations since 1972. The life of the Three Rivers Michigan Abbey and the advice of both Fr Benedict and my dear friend for life, Fr Jude Bell formed the basis for a lifetime of spiritual principles and Christ centered guideposts. People in great need were healed at St Gregory’s Abbey. Be well Fr Reid and be blessed.
    and God’s great love
    5 18 2017

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      WOW! Thank you so very much for sharing, Dr. Grant! That is really neat…

      With appreciation ~

      Lauren Del Sarto


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