My daily intention is to live consistently with an attitude of gratitude, or as Reverend Michael Beckwith states, “May you suffer from chronic gratitude.” 

Chronic gratitude. What a fabulous blessing to have in your life. According to William Chopik, PhD, an assistant professor of psychology and director of the Close Relationships Lab at Michigan State University, studies show that optimists have longer-lasting, deeper, and more supportive friendships, even though they don’t necessarily have more friends than less optimistic people. He adds that optimists are better at solving problems with friends and loved ones as well.

Michelle Gielan, a positive-psychology researcher and author of Broadcasting Happiness: The Science of Igniting and Sustaining Positive Change recommends building and nurturing relationships by sending a short email, text, or note, praising and thanking the other person. “It gives you a chance to think about all the people you care about and who care about you – and it enhances those important social connections.”

Neuroscientist Joe Dispenza refers to gratitude as the “ultimate receivership energy.” We standardly extend gratitude and thankfulness after we have received something, yet we can start a new habit of expressing gratitude daily for other reasons – to others and to ourselves. 

Write and send an expression of gratitude to someone praising them and letting them know the difference they have made in your life. If writing doesn’t resonate with you, try bringing to mind someone who has made a difference in your life. Think of something you appreciate about them and send that thought to them infused with the energy of gratitude. Pause for a moment and feel the energy of gratitude flowing through your mind and body as you send the thought to that person. 

Commit to cultivating your habitual “attitude of gratitude” and share your thankfulness with others. Moving forward together in 2022, let us be more loving and accepting of ourselves and others, choosing gratitude in all we do. Infuse gratitude in your New Year’s intentions and be open to the opportunities and possibilities of the following with gratefulness:

Be at ease with change  •  Change your mind  •  Live with an attitude of gratitude  •   Meditate every day  •  Pray for yourself and others more  •  Begin all you do with prayer   •  Try again and get back up again  •  Love yourself more  •  It’s ok to not have all the answers  •  Love your neighbors more  •  Be more accepting of others and yourself  •  It’s ok to be wrong  •  It’s ok to be just ok  •  It’s ok to take a break  •  It’s ok to just BE versus do, do, do  •  It’s ok to ask for help  •  Deepen your faith  •  Believe in yourself more  •  Dream and image more * Relax more  •  Stay in joy more  •  Smile more  •  Be more of yourself.

Make 2022 a brighter, happier, and more joyful year by infusing gratitude in all you think, say, and do – both internally and outwardly towards others.  

Gratitude Affirmation: I am gratefully moving forward with enthusiasm and excitement towards more goodness in my life and the world.

Tracy Smith is a certified energy life coach, rapid transformation hypnotherapist and energy and sound therapist with Blissful Release Now. She can be reached at (760) 409.9289 or [email protected]. For more information visit

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