Welcome spring! We’re so glad you’re here bringing warm inspiration for a fresh start forward.

People often ask if there is a theme for the new issue and although it is never planned, it often comes to be. I believe we are all more alike than we think. Feelings, thoughts, habits and circumstances create common bonds, and we are better when we discuss them together. 

We are grateful to have contributors who speak from the heart, sharing experiences and feelings in an effort to console and inspire others. In “Let’s Chat Over a Drink,” I share my concerns about increased alcohol consumption, especially among women. While in her column, Dr. Brossfield discusses the challenge of choice when it comes to medicine and choosing what’s best for you even though others may not agree.

In OneFuture, CVHS students share mental health resources with their peers while Jennifer Di Francesco empowers us to move from languishing to living inspired. We embrace the Law of Attraction and reflections for spring; consider harmony over balance, unity and strength for peace and illuminating our shadow self. We fall in love with diversity, the end of the pandemic and the wellness trends moving all humankind toward a brighter future. 

So, yes, I do feel there is a theme to this issue, The Path Forward. We are ready, the world is ready and the next generation is more than ready. In fact, they just may be leading the way.

Thank you for reading. We really hope you enjoy ~

Lauren Del Sarto

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