I don’t know about you, but I love the different seasons. Although we don’t have a lot of weather variations here in the valley, there is an energetic shift as the days get longer, the crowds disperse and plant life starts to bloom.

As we move out of winter and into the longer days of spring, it can be beneficial to do some reflecting and “spring cleaning,” not only of our garages, but of our minds, hearts, bodies and homes.

MIND. When it comes to the mind, there are two thoughts you might want to consider. First, what is important to you right now? Maybe you set an intention in January and now, things have completely changed. There is no need to continue doing something that no longer matters. Secondly, sweep away self -criticism. Letting go, changing directions and making a shift are GOOD things. You are not a failure or a quitter. Just because you invested time, or something was important to you at one point doesn’t mean that it will be important to you forever. There is a season for everything. If it’s time to move on, don’t beat yourself up in the process.

HEART. What do you love and how can you do more of it? Or, the opposite: what do you dislike and how can you do less of it? Who or what needs to be forgiven? Resentments can cause high blood pressure, insomnia and general suffering, and forgiveness has nothing to do with condoning disappointing behavior. Forgiveness is for YOU. As author Jonathon Huie said, “Forgive others NOT because they deserve forgiveness but because you deserve peace.”

BODY. In the yoga classes I teach, we check in with both body and mind each class. This allows us to move through our practice aware of how both are in that moment. Checking with the body and then listening is a great way to gauge the daily ups and downs of how we are feeling physically and then making an informed decision of what to do next. What activities would make you (your body) feel healthier, stronger, at ease? What foods would make you (your body) feel more energized and fueled?

You can also ask the opposite of these. As Dr. Gabor Maté said, “The body keeps the score.” 

HOME. You’ve probably engaged in the usual spring cleaning: purging, donating, throwing away. One of the things I love to do from time to time is walk around the house and see if the rooms still “feels good.” What furniture could be moved to a different room? What has been retained that no longer brings joy? Is there a type of room (library, meditation or yoga room) that is desired that could be created?

Here’s a final tip to bring spring home. Place a lemon peel in a spray bottle with cold water. Let it sit for an hour and then shake vigorously. Walk around your home and spray on the soft surfaces. In addition to providing a fresh, clean aroma, lemon is an emotional uplifting scent and natural purifier.

“Spring is coming. Time for some cleaning. Remove all the self-doubt, worry, jealousy, regret, anger, guilt or any other negative emotions that are holding you back from your happy, fulfilled life.” – Nanette Mathews

Jennifer Yockey is the owner of Gather Yoga & Wellness, author of Gathered Truths and host of The Gathered Truths Podcast. She is an E-RYT yoga/meditation teacher and wellness coach and can be reached at (760) 219.7953, [email protected]. For more information visit www.gatherlaquinta.com.

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