2022 global wellness trends

Soil, Survival and Soulful Stimulation…

Each year, we look forward to the Global Wellness Summit’s (GWS) annual Global Wellness Trends Report. These fascinating concepts, ideas and innovations are often solutions to some of humankind’s most daunting challenges, and 2022’s trends speak loudly to the fragility of life and our planet.  According to the panel of worldwide experts that contribute, people… Read more »

The Path Forward

Welcome spring! We’re so glad you’re here bringing warm inspiration for a fresh start forward. People often ask if there is a theme for the new issue and although it is never planned, it often comes to be. I believe we are all more alike than we think. Feelings, thoughts, habits and circumstances create common… Read more »

The Perils of Paradise

“Just another sunny day in paradise,” my father-in-law would say when we came to the desert to visit. Now a local, I repeat it often. We all love our beautiful valley, but living and playing here takes some awareness and preparation. With March upon us, outdoor activities abound as do the many opportunities to celebrate.… Read more »

Sharing Student Mental Wellness Resources

Online learning during the pandemic fueled the rise in mental illness. As behavioral health students in the Health Academy at Coachella Valley High School, we knew that we were negatively impacted by the pandemic and three out of the four of us felt that our abilities faltered through online learning. A survey conducted at Coachella… Read more »

Brushing Up on Oral Health

Home hygiene is the most important factor in keeping a healthy mouth and, of course, it starts with our toothbrush. There are two main classes of toothbrushes: traditional manual and electric. The vast majority of Americans still use a manual toothbrush. This is not a bad thing, as a good manual toothbrush with soft bristles… Read more »

Is the Pandemic Ending?

Vaccinating the whole world against smallpox was one of the most important scientific achievements of the 20th century. Smallpox is a great example of the success of vaccine-mediated eradication of a deadly virus in humans which required a global initiative that combined high levels of vaccine coverage and active surveillance.1 How viruses spread Transmissibility and… Read more »

Important Tips for Hospital Stays

Hospitals are expected to be a place of healing, leading to wellness and a return home. However, the longer a patient stays in the hospital, the greater the risk for a health care-associated infection (HAI) from a catheter or surgical site, or a health care-acquired condition (HAC) such as a fall with fracture. With an… Read more »

Embracing The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the belief that “like attracts like.” The principle states that if you think positive thoughts, you will have positive results; if you think negative thoughts, you will have negative results. You attract what you think about. An everyday example of the Law of Attraction is when you start thinking about… Read more »

Harmony vs. Balance

Do you find yourself looking for “balance” in your life? What is it that our spirit truly seeks in this ongoing desire? Whenever I hear someone say, “I need to find balance in my life,” I can sense the dampening of passion within their spirit. The Oxford definition for balance (as a noun) is “an… Read more »

A Real Broken Heart

Chest pain and shortness of breath should always be taken seriously. These symptoms can signal a heart attack, but they can also be signs of something less sinister—a broken heart. We usually use the term “broken heart” to describe one’s state of mind after a romantic breakup, but there is a medically-recognized condition by the… Read more »

From Languishing to Living Inspired

Languishing was noted as the emotion of the year in 2021 by the New York Times. Emotions related to languishing are associated with feeling a sense of emptiness. Welcoming 2022, I felt a sense of futility.  The moment the year started it was flu season, coupled with the Omicron virus. In the peak of our… Read more »

Benefits of Glutathione: More Than Just Detox

Glutathione has long played a crucial role in balancing oxidative stressors in our body which occur from such things as environmental toxicity, immune insults (infections and viruses) and inflammatory injury. Glutathione is one of your body’s most abundant and potent antioxidants. It aids in detoxification as a free-radical scavenger and plays an important role in… Read more »

Pregnancy Dreams in Men: Symbolic Change?

Male pregnancy dreams are becoming more common. What can they mean? “I dreamed I was pregnant!” the male caller exclaimed on my show. “What kind of a dream is that for a man to have?” The dream could be symbolic and have many meanings, including spiritual incubation for the unification of mind, body and spirit… Read more »

Unity + Strength = Peace

It has been said that you cannot unite with other people until you are in unity with yourself. Are you at peace with the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of yourself? Do you find yourself conflicting with the outside world more than you would care to acknowledge? Is your inside world just as… Read more »

The Forever Dog

Could Your Pooch Live to 25?

This book is about much more than dogs. Forever dogs, forever people. Authors Karen Shaw Becker, DVM, a functional medicine veterinarian, and Rodney Habib, an internationally-acclaimed pet health leader, are on a mission to save dogs from a life of junk food and poor health practices. Since many people take better care of their dogs… Read more »