It has been said that you cannot unite with other people until you are in unity with yourself.

Are you at peace with the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of yourself? Do you find yourself conflicting with the outside world more than you would care to acknowledge? Is your inside world just as complicated? For instance, choosing not to speak with a loved one because of a difference of opinion; this is just an opinion, it is not the truth, and creates separation. In these circumstances, maybe you feel you have been misunderstood by others, which can lead to feelings of anger and frustration that may be trivial, and not about being right or wrong.

Often being at peace is viewed by society as something outside of ourselves, such as maintaining the status-quo of owning a big house or nice car, having the perfect career or partner. The internal dialogue may be, “when I have the perfect house, car, job or spouse, I will be accepted and life will be good,” or “when I lose weight, I will be loved.” Or, as I’ve heard from clients, “I’m too old now, I have lived my life; my health is what happens at my age.” These narratives in our minds can hold us hostage; in a pattern of self-destruction, a life of distortion, distraction and separation, away from the true unity we deserve. 

Anxiety, depression and stress are at an all-time high right now and people are experiencing feelings of internal segregation all around the world. The fear of living life fully, the suppression of uninhibited self-expression and societal hyper-vigilance have become overwhelming for many. Thus, the spiral of inner struggle continues. The need to fit in, be desired and to be accepted for who we are has become a second pandemic of our time. 

As I walk through my own journey of internal healing, inner peace is that for which I strive. The work along the way creates awareness and strength to make a difference in my world and the world at large. 

I invite you to look at your own shadow side. Allow yourself to be vulnerable; open your heart and the hearts of others. If you cannot look at your shadow side, please don’t blame someone else who may be struggling to see theirs. I continue to learn the deeper truths of what strength really is; the strength to fully love ourselves and be the better person, no matter the internal or external differences between us. 

You, my dear friend, have the power to create peace and unity within and for those around you; the ability to find the courage and strength to connect your community and to love unconditionally. 

As Mother Teresa once said, “Only humility will lead us to unity and unity to peace.” 

Dipika is a holistic health and lifestyle coach who empowers her clients to activate
a balanced lifestyle of the mind, body and soul. She can be reached at (760) 821.3119 or [email protected]. For more information visit

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