Summer winds have subsided, clear skies have returned and the holidays are looking bright. Welcome home to all our seasonal friends!

How can I summarize all the splendor to be found within these pages? I am still reeling from the opportunity to interview Temple Grandin who I’ve admired for decades. All are encouraged to attend her presentation November 17 as part of Palm Springs Speaks, or to at least watch the award-winning movie of her incredible life. With an exceptional support system, she learned how to open doors which her work has done for many others who think differently – different, but not less.

We are so proud of Coachella Valley High School, named one of the Healthiest Schools in America. They are supporting students with a safe, calming space and teaching tools to help them manage stress at The Wellness Center. Hats off to educator and health coach Jason Tate who was integral in establishing this program, now being recognized nationally. May all schools follow their lead.

To educate and teach self-care to the next generation, we need to practice ourselves. It is one of the greatest benefits of living in our beloved desert community. We can hike in November and swim in December; easily find a yoga, meditation or breathwork class; hear from doctors on improving wellbeing, or explore something new like a floating sound bath.

Enjoy this festive time of year, but remember, it’s all about balance. In the name of good health and happiness, take time to Just Be

Wishing you all the treasures this season can bring ~

Lauren Del Sarto

Lauren Del Sarto

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