Remember when you couldn’t wait for summer? In your young mind the word screamed freedom, bare feet, nature and fun.

Where will you find those things this summer?

July and August are the perfect time to escape on a new (or familiar) adventure. Whether it’s a drive to the beach, staycation at a local resort, two weeks abroad, or your summer home, we all need time to relax and rejuvenate in this off season.

Wherever your journey takes you, choose to “Fall All-In” as Timothy Courtney shares on page 12. Our summer issue is a good read to bring along offering everything from inspirational love stories (How Do People Heal? on p.1) to insights on your health; from high aspirations (Making an Impact on the World, p.19) to Lifting Your Mood with a Mantra (p.20).

We also share photos from this year’s Desert Health Wellness Awards (pp. 22 & 23). The sensational event brought together a variety of doctors, health practitioners and wellness fans who all share the same goal of living healthy and living well. The energy was electric, our speakers spectacular, the meal divine, and the take home goodies cherished by all.

I would personally like to thank all who took part and congratulate all our 2019 nominees. It’s a privilege to honor the work you’re doing to move health forward in our community.

Tommy and I are excited to trade in our desert casual for bathing suits and flip flops. We’ve been dreaming of a tropical island for years and can’t wait to pack our bags.

Wherever the sweet days of summer take you, I hope you find freedom, bare feet, nature and fun…

From my heart to yours ~

Lauren Del Sarto

Lauren Del Sarto

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