Publisher’s Note: We are very proud of Desert Health contributor Tracy Smith who just launched her first book, Moments of Divine Inspiration: 365 Daily Words for Self-Discovery, Transformation and Self-Love. Following is a page from the book which offers insights and practical tools to help readers “live a life of purpose, authenticity and love.”

“The will to succeed is important, but what’s more important is the will to prepare.”

— Bobby Knight

Do you prepare yourself every morning for a day of joy, love, happiness, wellbeing and ease? Or are you prepared for the other shoe to drop, or things not working out as you would like?

Too many of us do the latter. We hold ourselves in preparation of things not working out. We think doing this will make the possible disappointment less intense, palatable and acceptable.

Each day, the universe always has an abundance of good waiting for us to reach out and accept it.

We unintentionally block or limit that good, either with thoughts such as ‘it is not available to me,’ or ‘it never works out for me,’ or ‘everything always goes wrong for me.’

If we prepare our mental state of mind and focus on more goodness, we are opening our “receiving muscle” to receive the goodness the universe has for us. If we can deepen our faith and belief muscle, we will be pleasantly surprised at the abundance of good there is for us. Focusing, and looking for goodness and blessings, will actually bring more blessings of goodness into our life.

Realize it or not, as humans we have always gone to a power greater than ourselves for help. When we were young, we went to our parents or caregiver for comfort. Start each day connecting to Divine Essence/God, a power greater than each of us, in gratitude, and prepare yourself for a day of multiple blessings of goodness.

Do the following to connect in silent and stillness, and sit within your:

  • Strong Faith
  • Solid Belief
  • Welcoming Receptive Muscle
  • Confidence that the Universal Good is available for YOU.

Each morning, prepare yourself for a day of joy, happiness and well-being. Consistently do this and also prepare yourself to welcome the opportunity to love fully and completely, while radiating well-being as your lifestyle.

Today’s Affirmation: My intention is I am grateful I am prepared for a life of joy and the opportunity to love fully and deeply; holding with conviction that good for all is the eternal reality I experience.

Tracy Smith is an energy medicine practitioner with Blissful Release Now. Moments of Divine Inspiration is available at For more information, visit

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