From one generation to the next, the only certainty is change. Throughout the years that separate us, technology and industry advance, policy and leadership shift and world challenges emerge.

We go through similar phases. When we’re little, so is our sphere; it helps keep us in that enchanted bubble called childhood. As we grow, so does our concern for the bigger picture. 

Yet today, we are at a peculiar impasse. The challenges our planet faces are so profound, even our children are taking note – and young adults are taking action.  

We see their global impact in “The Future of Food” and their local efforts in our OneFuture column. We also see the effect this heavy burden instills mentally and emotionally emphasizing the importance of healthier choices. Mindfulness is becoming a way of life for this next generation, and we can all use the reminder that gratitude can be miraculous medicine.

Young adults have always respected action over instruction, so let’s lead by example. We see the changes they desire blossoming throughout our valley as businesses embrace wellness. We can each do our part to contribute to the greater good.

Pictured here is my inspiration, our five beautiful grandchildren. I know that so much of what we do today will make tomorrow’s solutions easier for them to find.

Spread love and be well ~

Lauren Del Sarto

Lauren Del Sarto

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