With The Galleri Classic returning this month to Mission Hills Country Club (March 25 – 31), we were curious to learn about the progress of the Galleri test itself. Launched nationally in 2021, the test is a simple blood draw that can provide early screening of some of the deadliest cancers.

A primary goal of this new multi-cancer early detection (MCED) category is that it becomes a standard test offered annually and covered by all insurers – saving the health care industry money, and most importantly, saving lives. 

Numerous studies are underway and according to parent company GRAIL’s website (February 2024), significant progress is being made: 

  • Real-world use of Galleri has detected some of the most aggressive cancers in early stages, including endometrial, esophageal, gastrointestinal stromal, head and neck, liver, pancreatic and rectal cancers. For the majority of these cancer types, there are no alternative screening options available. 
  • Galleri adoption continues to grow, with more than 9,000 ordering providers and more than 150,000 commercial tests completed as of year-end 2023. 
  • While the test is not yet covered by most insurance or Medicare, the company has secured coverage with several forward-leaning payers and self-insured employers in various sectors, such as technology, health care, life insurance and financial industries. 
  • A new Galleri-Medicare study (REACH) was launched, which will enroll 50,000 Medicare beneficiaries. Findings will add to their existing evidence evaluating the potential for MCEDs to change the future of cancer detection, particularly in diverse populations. In the study, Medicare will cover the costs of Galleri and related items and services for participants. This study, combined with the current NHS-Galleri randomized clinical trial with Britain’s National Health Services and other studies in GRAIL’s clinical research programs, brings their planned enrollment to more than 385,000 participants globally. 
  • The company completed second-year study visits for the NHS-Galleri trial with a high retention rate of 91.3%. Third-year participant visits are expected to be completed this summer, and the NHS will review early metrics from the first screening round this year. Based on those results, they may commence the commercial implementation of the Galleri test in up to one million patients in England over two years.
  • GRAIL was named on Fortune’s 2023 Change the World list, which recognizes companies addressing society’s biggest challenges and having a positive social impact. Galleri was recognized with a 2023 Edison Award, one of the highest accolades a company can receive in the name of innovation. 

While attending The Galleri Classic this year, you’ll now understand that a lot of good is taking place beyond great golf. You’ll not only have the honor of seeing Fred Couples, Ernie Els, John Daly, Steve Stricker and others, you’ll also have the opportunity to take the Galleri blood test at the medically-staffed kiosk onsite. Eligible patients, those ages 50 and older not being actively treated for cancer, will be offered a $100 discount at the event. 

The PGA TOUR Champions tournament takes place over Easter weekend, and Sunday’s final round will include a morning service and Easter egg hunt for the kids. 

For more information about the Galleri test, visit www.Galleri.com. For tickets and tournament information, visit www.TheGalleriClassic.com.

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