The vernal equinox is here and it’s time to transition to more daylight hours as we move toward the summer solstice three months from now. This time of year is ripe for reflection, looking at the quality of balance in our lives to see what may be blossoming for us.  

In the somewhat rare super blooms that happen in the desert, we know it’s not just because we had rain and warm sunlight, but because the seeds and buds that were lying dormant simply needed a perfect storm of conditions to show their full display of beauty. If the seeds hadn’t been in the soil in the first place, then no matter how much it rained or shined, no blooms would have appeared.

The same is true for us, as we blossom from what has been planted in the previous months. We can reflect back to the winter solstice and see what we placed in the soil to hibernate over the winter months. 

What is blossoming for you at the moment?

Try this visualization. Close your eyes and breathe gently. Imagine a dear friend sitting opposite you asking you this question, “What do you want to have in your life?” Notice what arises. Perhaps it’s bringing more peace, ease, quiet time or calm to everyday things. Perhaps it’s letting go of what you no longer need. See if you can notice what is present without needing to judge or change whatever bubbled up.

Now, what are you doing to plant those seeds into your life?

One way of creating a rich soil for what you wish to manifest is to have daily practices, things you do no matter how big or small, that till your own inner garden where it can be nourished. Each time you step onto your yoga mat, sit in meditation, offer loving kindness to yourself or others, connect to gratitude, appreciate the earth or serve others, you are nourishing your inner garden. It may take longer than you anticipate for the conditions to be just right for what you’ve planted to manifest, but it will come.

It’s not as though I’ve held a lifelong dream of owning my own yoga studio, but when the opportunity arose, it seemed like perfect timing. This was the case because I had spent years steadily doing work that not only supported others on their path of living a balanced and insightful life, but connected to my own inner life on a daily basis. The sense of living from intention, every day, is what creates a nourishing environment to bring to life what we most desire.

As we step into spring, take a few moments to be still and honor the steady process of your own growth. Check in with yourself to see if something is ready to manifest and start working with it intentionally to do so. It is time to blossom and thank the natural cycle of nature for that stunning reminder.

Jayne Robertson is owner and instructor at Desert Yoga Therapy in Rancho Mirage. For more information, visit or call (760) 456.5160. [email protected]

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