Hello, Friends! Thank you for picking up our latest edition. As I breeze through the final proof to reflect on how another incredible issue has come together, I can’t help but pause with wonder at just how far “wellness” has progressed. 

Mindsets and medicine are changing, and as Dr. Tyler says in our front-page feature, it feels like we just might be getting ahead of the game.

In “Longevity Hotspot,” we share the significant progress in determining the feasibility of making our region a Blue Zone. Local governments are reviewing proposals to invest in evidence-based programs that help make healthier choices the easier choice for those in our community — all in an effort to help us live better longer. 

We also welcome back The Plantrician Project whose international conference teaches doctors and health care practitioners the why and how to prescribe food as medicine. Imagine, Rx pads that prescribe nutritional plans and educational resources instead of pills. They’re here; doctors who partner with coaches to help their patients make those prescribed lifestyle changes. You’ll read about Dr. Bhatka’s success with such a program

But of course, those changes are ultimately up to each of us, and this edition has plenty of inspiration to help you personally move towards greater wellness. Are you ready to release the kraken — those things in life that may be holding you back; and to get comfortable in your own, solitary being? Maybe it’s time to start preparing that biodynamic garden – good for you and Mother Earth, or you can simply add Chúla Artisan Eatery to your plate.

As we usher in late spring, it’s a good time to flourish. We thank our local governments and those doctors and health care practitioners in our community who are creating wellness. Greater wellness for all means greater health and happiness for each and every one of us.

With love and appreciation,

Lauren Del Sarto

Lauren Del Sarto

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