World class figure skaters capture the hearts of many with their grace and athleticism. For those who embrace the challenging sport themselves, a once in a lifetime opportunity is coming to our valley September 17 – 20.

The Experience Adult Skate Camp featuring Olympians Randy Gardner, Elizabeth Manley and Gracie Gold to name a few, will be held over four days at Acrisure Arena’s Berger Foundation Iceplex. Produced by Randy G. Inc. and JoySkate Productions, the camp is also taking place July 24 – July 27 at the Hyannis Youth Community Center in Cape Cod and features special guest Nancy Kerrigan.

This is a unique opportunity to learn personally from some of the best. Participants will enjoy sessions both on and off the ice including Manley’s Jumps, Spins and Storytelling on Ice; Gardner’s Three’s Company; Jeremy Abbott’s Movement with Music and Elin Schran’s IceFlow. Small groups will focus on turns and steps, jumps, spins and choreography and all will enjoy quality time with coaches at a champagne welcome, catered lunch-and-learns and dinner out in Palm Springs.

“One of most satisfying parts of life is being able to pay it forward,” Gardner says. “It’s as easy as telling a story, giving a few tips, or, in this case, holding the hand of an adult skater who dreams to skate around the rink and learn from a champion. As we always say, the experience is what makes the journey remembered.”

The Experience Adult Skate Camp is an expansion of Dorothy Hamill’s Fantasy Figure Skating Camp where Gardner and Schran were coaches. When Hamill, who lives part time in Indian Wells, concluded her venture, she supported their wish to continue the camps with their own vision. “We took what we learned from her, added our own components and brought in new coaches. It’s an experience, fantasy, training and interactive style camp for those who dream and who want to learn.” 

The group chose the desert for its resort flare and safe and supportive environment for skating, socializing and sharing their love of the sport. “We celebrate the exchange of ideas, explore new techniques, and each day discover things we couldn’t see before,” adds Gardner. “Skating together, making friends, and supporting each other in the process.”

If you’re a skater and have dreamed of learning from some of the sport’s best, now is your chance. All are invited to attend and all level skaters are welcome. Space is limited, so reserve your golden ticket today.

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