Longevity Hotspot

Will We Become a Blue Zone?

Not too long ago Palm Springs was commonly referred to as Heaven’s Doorstep or God’s Waiting Room. Seniors from all over the country ascended in droves to bask in the sun, play tennis and golf and toast cocktails with friends for their “final act.” Retirement in the palm-laden paradise offered idyllic living that was soon… Read more »

If you could know, would you?

Cancer Blood Test Could be a Game Changer

If you could take a simple blood test to screen for more than 50 cancers, would you? It’s an interesting question to ponder, and one I put out on social media when invited to do just that. We first wrote about the research behind the multi-cancer early detection blood test in 2021 as a cancer… Read more »

Creating Wellness

Hello, Friends! Thank you for picking up our latest edition. As I breeze through the final proof to reflect on how another incredible issue has come together, I can’t help but pause with wonder at just how far “wellness” has progressed.  Mindsets and medicine are changing, and as Dr. Tyler says in our front-page feature,… Read more »

We Are All Ironmen

On December 4, 2022, 54 volunteers from the illustrious Palm Desert Health Academy, under the leadership of the wonderful Mr. Ron Paiz, participated in the local Indian Wells/La Quinta Ironman Triathlon. The Ironman Triathlon is a 70.3-mile course that includes a 1.2-mile swim in Lake Cahuilla; a 56-mile bike ride through La Quinta, Thermal and… Read more »

Young Survivors: Life After Cancer

You are cancer free! After chemo, radiation and multiple surgeries you are relieved to be done. Your family and friends are happy to celebrate your return to a normal life. But is that always the case? While weekly doctor appointments, checkups and blood draws are behind you, it can take a while to re-adjust from… Read more »

Team Approach to Lifestyle Medicine

Did you know that 80% of chronic disease is preventable and curable with lifestyle change?1 How stressed or depressed you are, how you eat, how you sleep, how you move and if you smoke or drink alcohol are the lifestyle choices that can cause heart disease, diabetes or hypertension. Sound depressing? The flip side is… Read more »

Oral Cancer Screening

Just as an annual medical checkup is essential to ensure the body is healthy, a regular oral checkup is crucial to maintaining a healthy mouth and detecting any abnormalities. Regular screenings by your dentist should include an oral cancer screening which aims to discover cancer or precancerous signs early enough to be treated successfully. Oral… Read more »

Celebrating Naturopathic Medicine

In May, we celebrate Naturopathic Medicine Week to spread awareness on how naturopathic doctors (ND) provide safe, effective and individualized health care to our diverse patient population. Naturopathic medicine is a holistic approach to health care that emphasizes prevention and seeking the root cause to promote health and wellbeing. It encompasses modalities from both conventional… Read more »

Still Counting Sheep?

If you miss sleeping like a baby – sans the crying, bed wetting and screaming – then you’re with us. Getting older and getting a good night’s rest seem to be mutually exclusive. But we know why you’re having issues and believe some simple suggestions and appropriate use of CBD tinctures may help you get… Read more »

Go(A2)t Milk?

Maybe you are like me, and although you don’t have a full-blown diary allergy, you consciously consume dairy and have earmarked which forms affect you and how – stomach grumbles, maybe a bathroom trip and/or sinus congestion. I’ve tried alternatives, each with their pros and cons (taste being a theme in the con column) and… Read more »

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Season has come to a close, hopefully allowing for less hectic schedules and more time for sharing healthy and leisurely meals at home with family and friends. Wouldn’t it be special if some portion of your feasts came from your very own organic garden?  While May and June are not the most ideal months to… Read more »

Bee Dreams: Messages From Mother Goddess

“The dream is a continuation of the waking state,” Sigmund Freud famously said in The Interpretation of Dreams. As we move from April showers to May flowers, I thought it might be fun to consider what the presence of honeybees in our dreams may signify.  Have you ever heard, “Do you have a bee in… Read more »

Mark Hyman, MD’s Young Forever

More than 10 years ago I became interested in two areas of alternative medicine: functional medicine and anti-aging. Functional medicine addresses the present health habits of a person to prevent or reverse disease. Anti-aging medicine addresses the future and seeks greater longevity and health span. As I attended conferences in both areas, I was impressed… Read more »