It’s good to see you here today. Thank you for exploring our spring edition. 

I’m delighted to read that people throughout the world are ready to come together, and do so with deeper meaning and greater purpose. It’s all in an effort to evolve to a more gratifying state, and wellness plays a large role as you’ll read in this year’s GWS trends

Doing what you love and consciously living well plays a significant role in obtaining true happiness, and we hope you enjoy those simple pleasures each and every day. Many local practitioners are offering new experiences to help you get there – from breathwork and meditation, to yoga and sound immersion, from facing fears (here and here) to thermal exhilaration.These practices can be life enhancing and often life changing.

As we welcome warmer days and spring sunshine, let’s remember to take care of ourselves, to reach out to others, to spread kindness and to appreciate all that we have – in our lives and in our beautiful desert paradise.

From my heart to yours,

Lauren Del Sarto

Lauren Del Sarto

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