Everything is energy, including emotions. When we experience emotional energy through significant life events that induce trauma or stress, ideally, we process that emotion and move through it. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes energy can become trapped in our bodies and cause physical discomfort, emotional distress, illness and more.   

You may be surprised to learn that these harmful emotions can sometimes be released by the simple practice of breathing. Proper breathing is essential for overall health, yet many of us take shallow breaths or hold our breath without realizing it. Fortunately, people are now discovering the incredible benefits of breathwork, one of the fastest growing wellness trends worldwide. 

How does it work to help heal? When you breathe in, your body takes in oxygen. This oxygen then travels to your cells where it is used for energy. When you breathe out, your body releases carbon dioxide, a waste product, which cleanses cells of toxins and negative cellular memory. Just think of the significant impact one single deep breath can have in a moment of stress or anxiety. 

There are many types of breathwork techniques, methods and branding. One of the most sought after is called “circular breathwork” or “conscious connected breathwork” (CCB). CCB therapy assists in releasing traumas stored in the body’s cellular memory through deep and intentional breathing, allowing the individual to heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. CCB is a powerful tool and can provide relief from a wide range of health conditions. Noted benefits include improved mental clarity and focus, enhanced immunity, increased energy levels, improved quality of sleep, ease of anxiety and depression and improved overall well-being. 

CCB is not meditation and requires some work on behalf of participants. The practice involves lying down in a comfortable position and breathing continuously and deeply for an extended period of time (usually around 45 minutes).  A certified facilitator guides and prompts you on the technique. Some practitioners use silent headphones to provide an immersive healing experience. It’s two inhale breaths with a surrendering exhale breath. The frontal cortex, where your busy critic resides, quiets down, and your inner guidance takes over and assists in the healing process. This continuous circular pattern of deep breathing helps to release trapped emotions and open blocked energy channels in the body.  

Susan Dunn is a breathwork facilitator and seasoned professional when it comes to providing a sacred, safe place for immersive healing experiences. She advises always consulting your physician before starting any cardiovascular regimen. She can be reached at (760) 831.7292; www.elementsinthedesert.com.

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