“The Game of Life is not a game at all with winners and losers. You compete with only yourself, bettering what you did the day before. We are born, we grow, we constantly learn, we love. People change, people leave and believe. New friends emerge. Wisdom is discovered and then you are born again.” ~ Writer Paulette Le Pore Motzko 

As life unfolds, I continue to see the obstacles that some of us are facing. I see the struggles of many, yet we all continue to grow. Maybe it’s the loss of a loved one, or lack of good health or good friends; perhaps living a life that is deficient of vitality, love and joy, due to unforeseen circumstances. 

The game you have been playing may look bleak and unpleasant if you are only in it to win it. It may look like a tough game, maybe even one you don’t really understand. Or perhaps you’ve played before, and you just don’t remember how. 

What if… you really don’t need to understand the game?

I often ask myself, what if I play today’s game like a child with no agenda, no expectation, no facades? Instead, I choose to live life by being curious, open and nonjudgmental. What if I decide that wherever I am in my world, I get to choose to play or to quit; to change or to transform. I get to play today’s game gracefully, and as a result, I get to share my story of life’s wonderful pastimes. 

It’s like a board game, each player has a purpose; some think the purpose is to win, however, I say the purpose is to play. Through playing the game, you get to come together with those whom you want to share life. Maybe together you have some fun while playing it, maybe even some disagreements. Nevertheless, you get to know others through the process. You get to take risks that you may have thought you would never take, and you get to learn each step of the way. 

Whether you are playing a solo game or a large boardgame, I want to invite you to play either way. Play with love; play without wanting to know the outcome. Play with the understanding that you are winning either way, as you took the step and made the effort to play. Play fully. If you are someone who has a hard time losing, lighten up on yourself; see it as this: you played! It gives you an opportunity to play again. If not tomorrow, another day. You get to choose. 

Dipika is a crossroads specialist and a holistic health and lifestyle coach who empowers her clients to activate a balanced lifestyle of the mind, body and soul. She can be reached at (760) 821.3119; [email protected]. For more, visit www.loveyourlifehealthy.com

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