The Spring at night

When was the last time you visited the mineral spas of Desert Hot Springs? We tend to forget that just up the road are some of nature’s most therapeutic healing waters that each year draw thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Europeans have flocked to hot spring spas for centuries to experience the restorative and curative values of the mineral waters. The practice of “taking the waters” for therapeutic purposes is as popular today as it was in the days of the Roman baths.

Within Desert Hot Springs exists one of the greatest thermal water areas in the world. These natural hot springs have been compared to the famous healing waters of Baden-Baden, Vichy and Evian. The very word “spa” means a place providing therapeutic mineral springs, but while the number of spas continues to grow in the United States, very few offer the real nature of a spa–the healing powers of natural mineral water.

The health benefits of mineral-rich hot springs have been well-documented over the years. While stress is relieved by the thermal heat, minerals absorbed through the skin rejuvenate the body. Mineral spas have been used for years to relieve sore muscles and treat stiffness that accompanies arthritis. The Desert Hot Springs are also especially rich in silica leaving the skin soft and smooth.

A Wealth of Health

“The mineral water here is some of the best in America…”
–Travel & Leisure Magazine 2001

Accommodations at Sagewater Spa

A plaque at the first commercial bath house in Desert Hot Springs reads, “This bath house erected 1947 by L.W. Coffee and Lillian T. Coffee who developed these God given curative hot mineral waters, so long hidden beneath the sands of the desert, waiting for the time to arrive when suffering humanity could enjoy nature’s benefits, the wealth of health.”

Now several resorts, inns, boutique retreats and hotels offer guests the opportunity to enjoy this “wealth of health” by soaking in their pools or taking advantage of spa treatments ranging from salt scrubs to spice massages, Finnish saunas , facials, Ayurveda, aromatherapy, power polishes, poolside pedicures, waxing and wraps (with clay, mud, seaweed and even chocolate).

These Desert resorts offer many styles of lodging including mid-century modern, Moroccan, restored hacienda, B&B, Tuscan, classic, clothing optional and more. They range from small, sophisticated properties to large, casual hotels.

Best friends are welcome at the Dog Spa Resort & Wellness Center

If you are not sure where to start, join the 2nd Annual Spa Tour taking place February 3rd from 4pm–8pm.

Hosted by the DHS Chamber of Commerce, Cabot’s Pueblo Museum and The Hotelier’s Association, the Tour introduces you to a dozen properties including the renowned Two Bunch Palms and the newly opened Dog Spa Resort.

The tour starts with a reception at Cabot’s Museum and refreshments will be served at each property. Tickets include the option of a premium motor coach ($25) or self guided tour ($20). The 2011 Spa Tour will sell out so buy tickets early. Be sure to register to win tickets from Desert Health! For more information on the tour visit or call 760-329-6403

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