Lauren and Dakota


When my husband suggested moving to the Desert, two things came to mind –‘heaven’s waiting room’ as the Desert has been referred for its older demographic and ‘mystical healing powers’ as are thought to exist in this region. It took only a couple of visits to realize that the thriving Desert community consists of many… Read more »

What is Integrated Health Care?

The Coachella Valley’s health care community is unique in that it is home to internationally-acclaimed medical establishments and world-renowned holistic and alternative healthcare practitioners. When conventional western medicine is practiced in conjunction with alternative modalities it is commonly referred to as integrated health care or “integrative medicine.” A 1998 study showed that more than 40%… Read more »

Health is a Choice: Mary T. Roche

Life Lessons From Indian Wells Councilwoman and Former Mayor, Mary T. Roche Significant life changes are often driven by singular events and the knowledge gained while coping with them. This was certainly true for Mary Roche, whose life experiences resulted in her making long-term health and wellness a personal priority. Mary considers herself a perennial… Read more »

Night Vision and Older Drivers

One in seven drivers now is over 65, and by 2030 the number of drivers over 65 will have doubled. Reduced night vision is a serious traffic hazard for patients in this age group. The retina of an 80-year-old receives far less light than that of a 20-year-old. Older drivers may have a higher risk… Read more »

Tasty Topics for Heart Health

How many times in your life have you stopped, looked at the life choices you were making and thought, “I need to do better.” Maybe you thought you should change your diet, exercise more, stop smoking, or be more careful about blood pressure or cholesterol. You had the best intentions, but never quite carried through… Read more »

Fit After 50 Keeps Seniors Mobile

Seniors nationwide claim their independence as a “most valued possession.” For many, remaining independent means staying physically fit in order to take care of themselves, maintain their mobility and live a healthy active life. With this in mind, Riverside County developed Fit After 50, a free fitness program for seniors, aimed at avoiding falls and… Read more »

Financial Health

Women in the United States today control 75 percent of the total personal wealth, fill more than half the jobs and earn more than half the college degrees. They make up the fastest growing sector of new business owners, the fastest growing sector of the U.S. investor base and, for the first time in history,… Read more »

Alzheimer’s and the Brain

Keep Your Brain Healthy to Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease When we think about staying fit, we generally think from the neck down. However, brain health plays a critical role in almost everything we do–thinking, feeling, reasoning, working, playing–even sleeping. The good news is we now know there are things we can do to… Read more »

The Benefits of a Personal Trainer

It’s that time of year when everyone thinks about finally getting into shape. If you are one of those people, then I recommend hiring a personal trainer for the following reasons: Greater Results, Less Time A personal trainer is educated in fitness with a greater understanding than the average person of how the body works.… Read more »

New Year, Clean Plate

The first of the year typically brings resolutions that include losing weight or exercising more. Both of these resolutions are based on the common knowledge that each act will go far in promoting health and wellness. In fact, they are the two most important things that we can do for ourselves. Making changes in your… Read more »

Nutritional Health Care Q&A

Digestive issues affect a wide range of people in today’s society. The most common symptoms I see in my practice include acid reflux or GERD, constipation, bloating or gas and diarrhea. Following is my list of frequently asked Questions and Answers on digestive issues: Q: What is a probiotic and do I need to take… Read more »

Jennifer DiFrancesco

Living Wellness

It’s the New Year and a time of new beginnings. The number one priority for the population is health and wellness. This usually consists of joining a gym and starting the New Year focused on fitness goals. Unfortunately, this focus often falters. Statistics show that 50% of all new health club members quit within the… Read more »