Ditch the cart and “Walk the Rock” for exercise and discounted rates at Silver Rock Resort in La Quinta.

Ditch the cart and “Walk the Rock” for exercise and discounted rates at Silver Rock Resort in La Quinta.

Winter is the perfect time for outside activities in the desert. While our counterparts are shoveling snow, desert fitness buffs will be hiking, biking and going on nature walks in our near-perfect weather. While La Quinta’s natural beauty offers considerable hiking trails, bike paths and meandering walkways for all ages and fitness levels (ranking No. 5 of the top 45 hiking locations in the west by Sunset Magazine), the City of La Quinta works to form partnerships within the community to create new and unique activities for its residents and tourists, and to further its position as the desert’s fitness destination.

One of La Quinta’s unique healthy offerings is the “Walk the Rock” program at the City’s public golf course, SilverRock Resort. In partnership with Landmark Golf Management, golfers who are willing to tote their own golf clubs and ditch the golf carts will get a great walk in with low rates in the late afternoon. SilverRock is nestled among the mountains and is a breathtaking venue, complete with big horn sheep sightings and the All American Canal cutting through the undulating greens…a beautiful place to walk and enjoy our beautiful winter weather.

The La Quinta Wellness Center will be celebrating its one-year anniversary in January, and this facility has already made a tremendous impact on the health and wellness of La Quinta. The Wellness Center partners with a number of local health groups to offer low cost or FREE programs for residents. Partnerships include the Live Well Clinic which offers B-vitamin injections regularly and hosts lectures and discussions on a wide variety of health topics, and Eisenhower Medical Center which offers regular health screenings and health fairs. Additionally, the Wellness Center encourages nutritional wellness in partnerships with nutritionists, chefs, and horticulturalists to teach farm-to-table food preparation.

The youth of La Quinta also take part in personal wellness. The Desert Youth Olympics was developed as a way to promote activity and movement with younger children. Kids ages 3-8 compete in mini versions of standard track and field events from the 20-yard dash and mini-hurdles to softball and Frisbee throws to name a few. The top placing children in each age group per event win gold, silver, and bronze medals. The Desert Youth Olympics is a collaboration involving the City of La Quinta, YMCA of the Desert, Rojas Tae-Kwon-Do, and select volunteer organizers.

Enjoy the winter season. We look forward to seeing you in La Quinta!

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