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Award Nominations and Criteria

The Desert Health® Wellness Awards honor people and organizations in the Coachella Valley moving health and wellness forward and creating a positive impact on the wellbeing of our community.

Any and every one is welcome to submit nominations. The 2019 categories are as follows:

Business: A business that is moving health and wellness forward (fitness centers, health or medical clinic or office, etc.).

Individual: An individual moving health and wellness forward through their personal efforts or profession (non-licensed in the health care industry).

Integrative Health Care Practitioner (licensed health care professionals): This is a licensed medical doctor, nurse, naturopathic doctor or natural health practitioner, therapist, etc., who is practicing both medical and complimentary modalities or natural medicine to compliment medical care, or a licensed practitioner whose non-profit contributions and work are aimed at improving the health of our community.

Non-profit: A non-profit organization whose work is aimed at improving the health of our community. 

The Youth Award (18 and under): A young person who is taking action to improve the health of our community by educating or influencing others towards good health.

Emailed nominations should only include:

  • Nominee category, name, and contact information
  • Nominator name and contact information
  • Brief description on why the entity is being nominated
  • Website for more info on nominee (if applicable)

A more in depth application form will be sent directly to the nominee for completion once the nomination is approved. Nomination approvals are at the sole discretion of Desert Health.


Approved nominations will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Quality: In what ways have you helped those impacted?
  • Impact: How many people have you reached/helped with your efforts and  work?
  • Sustainability: Are the improvements/results from your efforts long lasting and sustainable?
  • Can your work be replicated? Have your efforts inspired, or will they inspire, others to do the same to further enhance the health and wellness of our community?

All approved nominations will be featured in upcoming issues of Desert Health® as well as the event program (which will be an insert to Desert Health®’s May/June issue. At the close of nominations, all entries will be reviewed by our Executive Committee who will select the category finalists and winners.

Those nominated in 2015, 2016 and 2017 Wellness Awards who did not take home a Welly Award may be nominated again. Winners will be announced and honored at the Desert Health® Wellness Awards celebration in May 2019.

For more information contact
Lauren Del Sarto
(760) 238-0245

3 Responses to “Award Nominations and Criteria”

  1. unanimous says:

    Johnny is a very kind hearted nurse with a heart of gold. He is very giving of his time and energy to help others. Is effortless days puts in to help others is tiredless!!! I want to nominate Johnny!

  2. unanimous says:

    He gives back to the community with his Yoga practice. He makes sure that all that are interested get to have a Yoga class!!! I have never seen a more devoted nurse than Johnny Yuhas!!!

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